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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Colditz Conjurer by James Green tells the true story of Lieutenant Vincent “Bush” Parker, who quit his job as an assistant to a master illusionist to become a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot.

The Colditz Conjurer

James Green’s The Colditz Conjurer is a unique WWII biography that is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about a person who made a difference to those around him and risked his life constantly for freedom.

Taking the reader on a journey through Bush Parker’s life, from growing up in the Australian Outback to flying Spitfires in the Battle of Britain, to spending four years in Colditz Castle (a prison for persistent escapees and prominent prisoners), and his brief release; this one-of-a-kind war veteran’s determination, grit, and never-ending optimism shine through.

The Colditz Conjurer by James Green on The Table Read
The Colditz Conjurer

James Green also has a background in the military and a love of magic, and has brought the hilarious, brief, but profound life of the amazing Bush Parker to everyone’s attention through meticulous research.

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Synopsis of The Colditz Conjurer

A school-boy magician from the Australian outback, ‘Bush’ left home to become an assistant to a master illusionist. With World War Two looming, he gave this up to train as a Spitfire pilot.

One of Churchill’s ‘Few,’ he fought in the Battle of Britain until he was shot down in a dramatic dogfight. As a prisoner-of-war in Germany, Vince Parker earned a reputation as a persistent escaper. He ended up in the infamous Colditz Castle, a high-security fortress from which the Germans thought escape was impossible.

In the footlights of the castle’s theatre, this charismatic officer used his magic skills to boost the morale of his fellow prisoners. But, behind locked doors, he applied the secrets of stage magic and escapology to the real-life challenge of getting back home. A remarkable tale of perseverance, courage and cunning in the face of adversity, The Colditz Conjurer features over 55 original photographs and maps.

James Green on The Table Read
James Green

“He was an outstanding hero among his fellow prisoners.” – Don Donaldson, British POW in Colditz.

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James Green

James Green spent twenty-five years in the British Army. He writes about military history and is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. He also has a passion for performance and history of stage magic. He is a member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle. The Colditz Conjurer, James’ most recent work, combines these two passions.

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