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The author believes that the key to success is taking action at the right time

Some of us feel that what we do is never enough and that things could be better — rather perfect. Breakthrough Leadership with Shantal Wallace (now available on Amazon) is a story of one such person who felt that it was either excellence or nothing. The author’s journey is filled with ups and downs that will have readers learning important life lessons as they go through every page.

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Shantal Wallace

New Book by Shantal Wallace Shows You the Power of a Leap of Faith on The Table Read.

Shantal Wallace resides in Rockhampton, Australia. All her life, she has always strived for excellence in every endeavor. Wallace earned her bachelor’s degree in human resources management and a graduate certificate in management. She has over fifteen years of experience working with business leaders and small business owners.

Shantal is a solo mum and entrepreneur who is passionate about making her mark in the world. She dedicates her talent and skills to seeing others succeed, personally and professionally. Her mission as a global online business coach is to help those who are seeking change in making the shift from employee to entrepreneur.

Helping Others Achieve Success

Wanting to help others, Wallace vulnerably shares her experience that led to making a decision to change: “I felt like I was hardly making any progress throughout my fifteen years in the corporate world. It felt like a lifelong battle just to get a pay raise or promotion to the next rung in the ladder. It was exhausting putting so much in and getting so little out of it.”

Wallace strongly believes that everyone deserves a life of greatness and that transformation begins with a decision. According to her, it sometimes takes one decision to leave your old life behind and chase the life of your dreams. For Wallace, this motivation to take a massive decision was fuelled by the need to provide a good life for herself and her son.

“I took a leap of faith based on massive-determined action because I knew it was the only way to create the life I wanted for my son and me,” says Shantal.

Breakthrough Leadership

Breakthrough Leadership with Shantal Wallace will motivate its readers to incorporate its lessons into their own lives and instill in them a hunger to learn more. Are you willing to take that life-altering decision to create the life of your dreams? Are you ready to take action?

David B. Smith, a leadership and development coach, trainer, and facilitator, illustrates Wallace’s desire to excel and achieve success in the following words: “Working with Shantal, I have witnessed someone driven by the success of others. With an unrelenting desire to arm leaders of tomorrow with the skills to excel, it is Shantal’s ability to relate to adversity, demonstrating the determination, persistence, and heart to achieve. As a leader, Shantal understands the most rewarding paths are often the hardest to walk. This is why she walks with you.”

Lindsey Sluyter, an IT guru, gamer, and podcaster, beautifully explains Wallace’s sense of determination and ability to teach others: “Shantal has the tenacity of a freight train with no brakes. When she sets herself a destination, anything that gets in her way better be careful because she does not stop until she gets there. Shantal is fun and caring, and her ability to explain situations without making you feel stupid makes her a dream to work with and one I take up whenever I can. Because who doesn’t like riding trains.”

Breakthrough Leadership with Shantal Wallace is now for sale on Amazon.

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