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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, new book trailer for the latest release from Siren Stories and Artisan Films, Gracemarch, written by JJ Barnes, features music from upcoming metal band, Of Demons.

Gracemarch Book Trailer

Coming October 20th 2023, Gracemarch is the latest release from author JJ Barnes, developed from an original film script written with Siren Stories‘ Jonathan McKinney, and Artisan Film‘s Cliff Thomas.

Now, the team have released a book trailer to help promote Gracemarch, featuring an instrumental of the single No Body from upcoming metal band, Of Demons, fronted by singer/songwriter Kato Djinn, and produced by Jonathan McKinney.


Jane Waters lives a mundane life, working as a waitress, and with a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to care. Her sister, Cassie Waters, is a glamorous horror writer, traveling the world, and far too busy to listen to Jane’s woes. The two sisters live very different lives, disconnected from one another, and unaware of a family secret that’s about to come to light.

When their mother dies unexpectedly, Jane and Cassie are pushed back together. Their lives become intertwined as they explore the mysteries their childhood home holds, and remember their sister Susie who died tragically when they were little.

As Susie’s memory starts to dominate their lives, they don’t realise that a mysterious organisation is monitoring their every move, and powerful people are closing in on them.

What secrets did their mother have? How are their lives about to change? And what really happened to Susie?

The Future Of Gracemarch

JJ Barnes, Jonathan McKinney, Cliff Thomas and the Gracemarch team hope that as excitement and interest in this story is reignited, they can gain funding enough to complete the film and see their story on the big screen.

Find more from Gracemarch now:

Paperback/Hardback/Ebook coming October 20th 2023.

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