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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, second instalment of the Mason Made trilogy by Simon Marlowe, Medusa and The Devil, sees Steven Mason decamp to the Mediterranean to start afresh, before finding himself embroiled in an illegal immigration case.

Medusa And The Devil

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Medusa And The Devil

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=1803781300Simon Marlowe’s low-life criminal Seven Mason captivates with his illegal antics and roguish twinkle, making him one of the most compelling protagonists of recent years, offering a dynamic plot line that will resonate with those who are interested in Guy Richie’s style of storytelling.

Steven Mason is six feet under. The main issue? He’s not dead.

Steven had hoped to start a new life in the Mediterranean after escaping the gloom of low-life gangsterism on a rundown Essex housing estate. However, it is difficult for him to leave behind his corrupt and avaricious past, and he finds himself drawn into yet another nefarious job.

Steven is keeping his head down while still laundering money for his old boss, but his plans go wrong when a previous associate turns up and asks Steven to retrieve an ivory sculpture. Steven’s focus shifts to more pressing matters as the story moves forwards, and he finds himself unintentionally involved in an illegal immigration case.

Trapped with no means of escape, Steven is left to wonder why he continues to be drawn increasingly close to Hell.

Simon Marlowe

Simon Marlowe on The Table Read Magazine
Simon Marlowe

Simon Marlowe was still at school when he realised that he wanted to be an author after a teacher told him that he had talent. However, he was raised during a time when working-class children’s ambitions were determined by the lowest common denominator. For example, if you were keen on music you could find a new line of work in a record store, and to be an author was an idea above his station. Before he even started, he was confronted with class barriers and parents who drove a stake through the heart of his ambition.

In a story worth letting one know day, he had written his first novel by the age of nineteen. He sent it to a publisher, who thoughtfully rejected it, putting him in a state of defeat and despair that caused him to give up all hope. Before he was able to complete the circle and put pen to paper, or type into a Word file, once more, he had to learn a lot of life lessons.

Now he sees himself as a satirical realist, who specialises in the murky world of crime and mystery thrillers. Yet, he didn’t pick that genre, it picked him.

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