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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Wrecked by Lee Dickinson is a raw and honest story told in the form of a diary from Harrison’s point of view, a young man whose friends and family believe he is an alcoholic.

Alcoholism says that 24% of adults in England and Scotland drink more than the recommended amount. There are over 600,000 “dependent drinkers” in England alone, and 82% of them don’t seek treatment. Startling measurements, yet considerably more disturbing is that a large number of the individuals who abuse liquor probably won’t actually remember they have an issue.

Lee Dickinson’s new journal-style book, “Wrecked,” sheds light on this pressing issue, telling the story of Harrison, a young man who, until his life starts to fall apart, never thought he had a problem with alcohol. Harrison is certain that whatever an “alcoholic” is, it can’t be him, even when his girlfriend leaves him and his friends express concern.

Wrecked by Lee Dickinson on The Table Read Magazine
Wrecked by Lee Dickinson

Until he, sadly, learns the truth. Readers will experience everything, and be taken on a crude excursion to the actual profundities of Harrison’s misery, as he diaries his life’s sluggish, inescapable disentangling.

“Wrecked” is a fascinating and one-of-a-kind look at a society and culture obsessed with alcohol.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style


Despite the fact that he frequently finds himself in awkward situations after a few drinks and is frequently told that he drinks too much, Harrison King is certain that he does not have a problem with alcohol. At the point when his better half leaves him since she thinks he is a drunkard, Harrison decides to demonstrate to her and to every other person, that he is totally non-reliant and that he is a profoundly working and capable grown-up. He is adamant that he is not an alcoholic, despite his quick realization that he may be drinking a little too frequently.

Wrecked follows Harrison as he struggles with his detestable career, his detestable boss, and his struggle to control his consumption. Harrison drinks when he has a terrible day at work, when he can’t choose how to manage his life, when he is focused on and as an approach to managing social collaborations.

 As Harrison continues to write in his journal, he considers the decisions he has made in his life, tries to make more friends, and puts more effort into making a plan for the future. However, his drunken antics continue to place him in increasingly uncomfortable circumstances.

Lee Dickinson on The Table Read Magazine
Lee Dickinson

Lee Dickinson

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Lee Dickinson, the author, said that the book’s most interesting feature is that readers can see Harrison’s transformation from social drinker to alcoholic on a regular basis. Many readers have pointed this out to him. Due to the fact that Harrison does not believe he has a problem, Dickinson found Harrison to be an intriguing voice to write about.

Too frequently, we form preconceived notions in our own minds regarding how alcoholics appear or behave. We consider a drunkard the grimy man under the scaffold, or the lady yelling maltreatment on the high road, rather than reality – that individuals who abuse liquor are surrounding us. Harrison opposes help, since he doesn’t perceive himself in that way. Those insights could turn out to destroy him.

Dickinson believes that readers might have their own eyes opened – maybe even about their habits or the habits for somebody near them.

Lee was born in Yorkshire in 1995 and grew up there. He has A-levels in English, Regulation and Film and a degree in Business. He has resided and worked in Lincolnshire, Manchester, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire where has worked in Promoting and Task jobs. The youngest of eight, Lee has an passion for Kickboxing, collecting records and is a keen reader – referring to PG Wodehouse and Haruki Murakami as his greatest inspirations.

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