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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Othelia, Vidya Math’s main character, is enchanted by the stories and characters in The Book of Stamps, but has no idea they are all inextricably linked to her life right now.

The Book of Stamps

The Book of Stamps by Vidya Math is a magical, allegorical and mesmerising story that catches the creative hearts of all fans of fantasy stories, regardless of age or sex. The author takes readers on an emotional journey that connects lost history to the present-day life of the book’s charming protagonist, Othelia, by weaving stories around the characters that are depicted on the stamps featured in the book.

The twin suns set as Othelia reads a story from the Book of Stamps, each vivid stamp portraying the enchanted story of a famous figure from a period long ago: The Old King, The Shepherd, The Dancing Girl, and other interesting characters – their lives entwining into the captivating adventure of a mysterious Kingdom of legends.

Little does young Othelia know how much the distant past is almost imperceptibly entwined with her own life in the present. But why is it so?

Vidya Math on The Table Read Magazine
Vidya Math

Vidya Math

Vidya Math is a Cambridge-based author, who was born and raised in Scotland. She had a childhood dream to write books and loved reading them.

Other things she has done in her life include teaching dance, running a dance school, and performing dance. She also writes songs and enjoys poetry.

Vidya is now writing a sequel to The Book of Stamps.

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Published by Olympia Publishers, The Book of Stamps is available on Amazon as follows:

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The Book of Stamps is also available at Waterstones at and can be purchased for worldwide delivery from the publishers at

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