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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Time Cave – Spanish Main by Trevor Anderson two boys time travel back 300 years before being kidnapped and put to work by ruthless pirates.

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The Time Cave – Spanish Main

In the intoxicating and highly original tale of pirates and Spanish Main life, The Time Cave – Spanish Main, Trevor Anderson proves himself to be a storyteller that knows how to keep his young readers turning the pages.

Written primarily for children, though also well received by adult readers, The Time Cave – Spanish Main seamlessly jumps from one swashbuckling adventure to another as two travelling protagonists, Jack and Tom, elevates this swashbuckling adventure from good to great.

This rip-roaring, old-fashioned pirate adventure sees Jack and Tom mysteriously hurled back in time to the 18th Century Caribbean Sea, known as the Spanish Main. There, the boys are kidnapped by murderous pirates who sail the seas looking for ships to plunder and rob, and, having no choice in the matter, they become part of the ship’s crew under the command of the feared pirate Captain Edward Boyle.

Aboard the ship, they befriend teenage brother and sister, Jasper and Kate, who had been kidnapped a year earlier and held for ransom when sailing from England to Jamaica, where their father Sir James Bennett, a wealthy Englishman, owns a sugar plantation. Together they make plans to escape but many dangers stand in their way, not least a bloody sea battle which almost costs them their lives.

One terrifying adventure leads to another. Escape, pursuit and shipwreck, with Jack and Tom poised perilously between getting home and living the rest of their lives in the 18th Century.

Fulfilling Trevor Anderson’s long-held dream of writing a children’s book that he would have enjoyed as a child, this novel not only confirms his aptitude for intrigue and spinning a compelling yarn, but leaves readers eagerly anticipating further adventures on the high seas.

Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson is a father, grandfather, is retired and lives in the South East of England.

My background is British Army, after which, a career in sales and management for a major financial services company, followed by the setting up and running my own successful recruitment business for over 20 years.

Since childhood, I have always been and still am, an avid reader. I’m passionate about literacy and love the way books open minds; and how even a fictional story with some historical basis, can lead to a learning opportunity through curiosity and discovery of the actual background. This passion led me to the decision some time ago, that I would write a book for children, with the kind of story that I would have enjoyed as a child, packed with adventure, danger and thrills, and a basis in history. I believe I have achieved that with this middle grade (9-13 year old) children’s book.

-Trevor Anderson

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