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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, new Turkish restaurant, Firin, launched inside the new Holiday Inn site, featuring a variety of Mediterranean dishes based on authentic Turkish pide (pee-DEH), combining the traditional with the contemporary.


Firin Turkish Restaurant on The Table Read Magazine
Firin Turkish Restaurant

The newly opened Firin, a modern Turkish restaurant in Manchester that offers a taste of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine to both locals and celebrities, will take you on a new culinary journey.

Situated inside the Holiday Inn Manchester Airport, an IHG Inn and Resort, within the bustling Terminal 2, food fans from the city and guests from one side of the planet to the other can encounter Firin’s raised interpretation of exemplary preferences of the Mediterranean.

Firin Menu

Firin Turkish Food on The Table Read Magazine
Firin Turkish Food

The Turkish word firin deciphers as broiler, and this ramifications of prepared in warmth streams all through the Firin Menu. The star is Pide (pronounced “pee-deh”), a flatbread made by hand into a boat shape. The best toppings for Firin’s Pide include the flavorful “Pide develi,” which consists of diced beef, tomato, and pepper, and the creamy “Birsen alcela,” which consists of goat’s cheese, mushroom, and diced beef. Lentil soup, Choban Salad, grilled Ottoman favorites like Chicken Shish, succulent Lamb Tandir, and Chargrilled Mediterranean Prawns and Calamari are among the authentic Ottoman dishes and sharing plates on the menu.

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Share a bottle of fruity Turkish wine, such as the Anycrya Red, which is a blend of dark forest fruits and spicy aromas, for the ultimate holiday experience. Top off the feasting experience with a pick of sweet dishes, from Pistachio Baklava to Kunufe, a sweet cheddar cake, close by a serving of warming Turkish espresso.

Firin exemplifies a contemporary take on the traditional salon in Istanbul. The theater kitchen with its impressive oven is the focal point of the laid-back luxury interior, where guests can observe the chefs at work.

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On the hotel’s top floor, plans are being made to open a stunning rooftop bar called Glow later this year. The one-of-a-kind location will also be available for private function hire, offering views of the city skyline and planes taking off and landing.

Please call the Holiday Inn Front Desk at +44 161 2433333 to make your Firin reservation. From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the restaurant is open.

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