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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, young musical prodigy Olie Beckett has released a new single and music video to celebrate falling in love, Heartbeat.

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Olie Beckett, photo credit: Erika Handley on The Table Read Magazine
Olie Beckett, photo credit: Erika Handley


Olie Beckett started his musical journey singing in church, which quickly evolved into a passion for songwriting and mastering piano. Now, this young musical prodigy, who draws musical inspiration from the likes of acclaimed songwriters such as Harry Styles, Sza, and Rosalia, has released Heartbeat.

Written and produced by Phoenix Stone (Backstreet Boys), Heartbeat is a vibrant sing-along celebration about falling in love. Unfolding over an exhilarating mix of lush bass lines, bright harmonies, and the captivating charm of Olie Beckett’s magnetic vocals, Heartbeat captures the thrill of a new crush.

The accompanying music video further illustrates Olie’s euphoric daydream, taking place in the backdrop of a laundromat and transforming an ordinary setting into a romantic dance floor dream. 

Olie Becket2

The creative process sparkles after mixing your own personality into a genre or song you created.

-Olie Beckett

Olie’s love for music has existed for as long as he can remember, even before becoming an artist. His first passion was to become a DJ. He admired the skills of DJs like Marshmello. A fan of most genres of music, his first memories involved listening to the music his father would play as he worked in his radio office. His mom loved music and Olie would listen to her hum along with her favorites on the radio. Soon, he began to join her and sing along and that is when the arrow hit its mark and inspired Olie to become a singer.

In a flash he was auditioning for a countrywide choir, taking lessons, and singing at his church. An early inspiration was Olie’s vocal teacher, Melissa, who had a musical theater background and was convinced that the theater was the appropriate path, so she opened Olie’s eyes to the world of theatrics which has proven to add emotion to the music he creates. Olie owes a debt of gratitude as well to Mr. B. for vocal coaching and for introducing the world of musical composition.

For Olie, music has become a focal point. He finds it difficult to stay focused in school because of his strong desire to write and sing songs every day. Olie says “I have matured my music sense to the trends that I find inspiration in: music artists like Harry Styles, Sza, and Rosalia. It is always easy to find who you like as an artist but it is harder to find who you are as an artist. That is when the creative process sparkles after mixing your own personality into a genre or song you created.”

Once Olie started to write and create songs on the piano, he was hooked. He fell in love with the whole process. 

Once you have the emotion for a song, once you have the inspiration for a song, once you know the chords,  the bass will come into your head and the drums are just the cherry on top. It is all about the 5 senses when it comes to songwriting. If you have the taste for music, if you have the sense for songwriting, if you have the ear for a melody, if you have the touch for an instrument and the smell of passion – you are good to go.

-Olie Beckett

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