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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Greatest Escape by Martin Barratt offers a highly personal account of a single Bomber Command crew lost on operations in May 1943.  

The Greatest Escape


The Greatest Escape by Martin Barratt offers a novel and forensically explored relating of wartime bomber JB869 DY-H and its team, which included the author’s navigator father, Joseph Barratt.

With his father just sharing his wartime encounters with his son in advanced age, the writer found a document of letters, logbooks and other material after Joseph Barratt’s passing. The discovery moved him to turn into a detective and become familiar with the missions and lives of the survivors, the author spent the last 24 years uncovering the total story of his dad’s aircraft and crew.

The Greatest Escape was written with the family historian in mind to honor the 120,000 young aircrew who served, of whom 55,373 tragically perished while flying over Europe’s night skies. With knowledge, tips and guidance, Barratt offers support to that large number of people hoping to uncover the individual accounts of their own family members.

Martin Barratt will generously donate a portion of his share of the net profits from sales of The Greatest Escape in memory of his father and his crew. Martin Barratt is an official supporter of the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Martin Barratt on The Table Read Magazine
Martin Barratt

Martin Barratt

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Martin Barratt is a specialist in branding and marketing by trade. He has co-founded and run several businesses. He is now the Managing Director of the family business, which is a creative 3D/CGI studio that focuses on architectural visualization. He has written and contributed to a variety of newspaper and magazine features and articles on music, shooting, classic cars, literature, and other topics.

Martin is married with two adult girls and two teenage stepsons and lives close to Godalming in Surrey. He enjoys playing guitar, tinkering with vintage cars, and shooting game when he isn’t writing or working. Martin is a Society of Authors member.

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