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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in his debut novel, The Unforgiven Spy, Gavin Stone brings together Jensen, a former contractor for British intelligence, and Marshall, his American best friend and fellow “spook.”

The Unforgiven Spy

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ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BM6KFRD7The debut novel “The Unforgiven Spy” from Gavin Stone has been criticised for revealing insider secrets by Freemasons. The book reveals covert methods and other secrets for identifying fellow Masons. Gavin Stone (former British Intelligence) was called by a Freeemason requesting that he unpublish the book right away, and told that the organization would try to ban The Unforgiven Spy if he didn’t obey. Regardless of this, Stone is determined to keep the book in the public domain, and has stated that he intends to reveal even more secrets in the following portion of the series assuming the requests endure.

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Gavin Stone, author of the best-selling nonfiction book “How to Tell if Someone Is Lying,” has done it all over again with “The Unforgiven Spy.” The authentic, detailed, and gripping plot that rivals the espionage outputs of Ludlum, Deighton, and others in the “Spies for Hire” series.  He uses the full extent of his expertise and knowledge gained from years spent working as a freelance contractor in the security and intelligence service performing covert operations on the front line.

The Unforgiven Spy is likewise acquiring acclaim from previous delegates of both the English and US knowledge administrations. A definite must read for enthusiasts of the genre, Gavin Stone’s new legends – Jensen and Marshall – are prime canditates to provoke the curiosity of those hoping to bring new spies to the cinema.

Gavin Stone

Gavin Stone on The Table Read Magazine
Gavin Stone

Gavin Stone is a former civil servant for the Ministry Of Defence, and has worked in the Security and Intelligence industry.

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Stone worked for 13 years in front line operational deployment, in a large number of fields and undertaking secret exercises that expected him to use the full scope of safety and knowledge tradecraft. Stone then taught operatives who were getting ready to work in the field and advanced training to seasoned operatives who needed new skills and exposure to cutting-edge techniques.

Stone’s broad information and levels of involvement incorporate close insurance, confidential examinations, insight gathering through HUMINT, actual entrance and edge testing, individual security, secret reconnaissance and security counseling.

He has training in a variety of fields, including self-defense instructor, close protection, psychology, and other nationally and internationally recognized qualifications and certificates.

With a wide range of skills at his disposal. Gavin Stone is currently developing his writing career.

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