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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, unputdownable love story between a witch and a demon, Spellbound Embrace by Astrid Morino, sees Amelia realising she can’t live without Harry, and his new found darkness.

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Spellbound Embrace by Astrid Morino on The Table Read Magazine
Spellbound Embrace by Astrid Morino

Spellbound Embrace: A Witch’s Dance With Darkness

Spellbound Embrace: A Witch’s Dance With Darkness by Astrid Morino is a love story rooted in paganism, witchcraft and demonology, with a captivating blend of forbidden romance, danger, and exploration of the supernatural.

Amelia comes from an ancient lineage of witches, noble and powerful. When a flame from the past moves in next door, she’s determined to stay away. Especially since there’s something different about him now. Something dark.

Harry, however, is determined to right the wrongs of the past, to make Amelia fall for his charm. She awakens something in him that he can’t live without. Won’t live without. For she is the only one that speaks directly to his darkness.

As they give into their feelings, they’re thrown into a whirlpool of chaotic ecstasy. Family, history and the Fates all conspire against them. But the most dangerous thing of all? Secrets. And these secrets might just prove to be fatal …

As the tension between Amelia and Harry builds to a crescendo, the power that exudes from both; and the intriguing dance between the lighter and darker elements of their characters, captivates the imagination of readers.

Suspenseful, erotic and a seriously good read, Astrid Morino is without doubt one of the most exciting voices to come out of the fantasy romance genre for a very long time.

Astrid Morino

I am a debut author, and I was writing the book for myself at first it was my get away from an everyday life. The characters and the plot sat in my head for years now. I absolutely love happy endings and feel that stories carry a certain magic with them.

-Astrid Morino

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