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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, R L McKenzie’s The Tears of Wednesday is a chilling and heartbreaking story about being hurt by the people you love the most while trying to understand clues that nightmares leave behind in the cold light of day.

Spine Chilling Thriller

The Tears Of Wednesday is a captivating page turner that will entangle you in a roller coaster of your own emotions and immerse readers in the emotional, spiritual, and mental states of this female-led book.

The Tears Of Wednesday by R.L. McKenzie on The Table Read Magazine
The Tears Of Wednesday

The author not only captures the maternal bond between a mother and her four daughters, and in this case its menacing portent, but also the strengths, weaknesses, and nuanced sibling relationships that are an essential part of family life. The book is beautifully constructed, written with eloquence, and features a standout female cast.

The Tears of Wednesday not only introduces an accomplished and intriguing new author, but also one who places women at the center of her work, drawing inspiration for her familial spine-chilling thriller from the poem Monday’s Child.

The Tears Of Wednesday

When a nightmare comes true, how seriously would you take the next one? When unsettling, recurring dreams and hazy visions begin to spook Ruby Anderson, she becomes convinced that she is about to die. But why do these nightmares always happen on a Wednesday?

As Ruby looks for reality and signs, scrutinizing the decisions she is making before she arrives at the big four-oh, Ruby comes to understand that those you love the most can be the ones who hurt you the most.

This female protagonist and her cast of characters will make you feel like you can relate to each personality type thanks to the book’s clever twists and turns. Ruby was born on a Wednesday, but surely it is an old wives’ tale that Ruby is full of woe? Or is she not the only one?

R.L. McKenzie on The Table Read Magazine
R.L. McKenzie

R L McKenzie

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Rebecca McKenzie was born in London in 1980. She loves English and drama, and studied psychology to become a cognitive behavioral therapist. Her book, The Tears of Wednesday, was initially inspired by the meanings and superstitions associated with birth dates.

She wanted to combine and record improvisation in a way that makes the reader feel for the inner thoughts of a character. Throughout, she wanted to look at each character’s spiritual, mental, and emotional lives.

Rebecca is passionate about boxing and literacy and comes from a family of athletes.

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Published by Olympia Publishers, The Tears of Wednesday is available in paperback (£10.99) and Kindle format (£2.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon:

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