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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, teenager Tomer Shaked shares his experiences with gaming addiction and offers advice to others struggling with the same issue in Game Over.

Gaming Addiction

Game Over by Tomer Shaked on The Table Read Magazine
Game Over

Tomer Shaked admits that he spent a lot of his childhood playing video games, years he will never get back. Shaked’s perspective and self-awareness are even more compelling and worthy of sharing with other young gamers because it is common for children to believe that adults are overreacting to the surge in video game consumption.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

“Video games deprived me of many irreplaceable experiences and moments, such as time with family and friends,” wrote Tomer Shaked. “Simply put, video games create a disconnect from reality, and it’s that disconnect that becomes an addiction.”

Game Over

Game Over: One Teen’s Guide to Kicking Video Game Addiction will help teens and their parents understand what video game addiction looks like. In the book, Shaked talks about his relationship with gaming, which started out as a harmless pastime before it turned into a bad obsession. This story will probably sound familiar to many parents and teens.

Tomer Shaked on The Table Read Magazine
Tomer Shaked

Shaked also gives helpful advice to people who want to get away from gaming. The goal of Game Over is to “inspire and influence kids and teens to put down the game controller, cut the cord and live life to the fullest” he states in his book.

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Tomer Shaked

“Our intent is to reach an audience that is prone to video game addiction as well as those who are close to someone who is deep into gaming,” said teenage author Tomer Shaked.

Tomer Shaked is a high school senior who has never written before and is 17 years old. After receiving his first Xbox, he struggled with video game addiction from an early age. He lived for years in a virtual world, prioritizing video games over nearly everything else. He was addicted for a long time until one day, in a single moment, he made a big change and stopped playing games.

He published Game Over: One Teen’s Guide to Kicking Video Game Addiction to share his story and encourage his generation to leave video games behind and succeed in real life.

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Game Over: One Teen’s Guide to Kicking Video Game Addiction

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8838876287

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