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On The Table Read, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, actor George Martin discusses his acting career and what inspires him.

JJ Barnes The Table Read

Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed actor George Martin about his acting career, his motivation, and the advice he has for other actors.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

George Martin on The Table Read
George Martin

My name is George, I am a 22-year-old actor from Hull in East Yorkshire. I landed my first ever theatre role at the age of 11 and have been performing ever since. Alongside my acting career, I have worked multiple jobs in Sales & Marketing but have never found as much fulfilment in another job as I have in acting.

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When did you first realize you wanted to be an actor?

The realization came straight after my first performance at 11 years old. I always knew I enjoyed being on stage and performing but it never really occurred to me that this could be a career choice at that age.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

For me it’s not just about the performing. It’s the whole experience; the travel, the people you meet, the free hotels… (Sometimes) and just the over all lifestyle that comes with it. No two jobs are ever the same. That keeps it really exciting for me.

What classes or training sessions have you taken to support your acting career?

After studying Performing Arts at college, I decided that I wanted to dedicate all my time to screen acting. That’s when I joined the Screen Acting Diploma at YAFTA in Leeds.

What was your first professional acting job?

My first professional acting job was a guest role on Emmerdale.

George Martin on The Table Read
George Martin

What was your most recent professional acting job?

My first professional performance is my most recent. It’s airing right now.

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Tell me a favorite experience in your career. Something that stands out in your memories and makes you want to find more experiences like it.

My first time working on a professional set. It was an overwhelming realization that my dream was starting to become a reality. No matter how much you train for it, it can sometimes be difficult to envision your career really taking off and it was at this point that I realized how possible it was.

What was your toughest experience in your acting career?

My first screen acting assessment. Performing on stage always came naturally to me so when I only just scraped a pass, it effected my confidence massively.

Have your family and friends been supportive of your acting career?

They have always been unbelievably supportive, both financially and mentally.

George Martin on The Table Read
George Martin

Tell me some career goals. What would you like to achieve?

Right now, the biggest goal for me is to land something consistent. To be able to act full time and not have to worry about balancing a 9-5 job.

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Tell me something you were surprised by, something you had never realized about being a professional actor.

How friendly and laid back everyone was on my first professional set. Everyone does their best to make you feel at ease when you are new, including the other actors, which made the job so much easier.

What are words of advice you have for other aspiring actors?

Never stop learning. The more you keep practicing the more prepared you will feel when you land your first role. Also, stay patient. Your time will come, and it will probably catch you off guard!

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