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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, discover some of the best lesbian romance novels on the market.

One of the best hobbies somebody can engage in is reading. It helps us grow on a variety of levels. Depending on the books we read, our personalities alter.

The novels enlarge our worldview and impart life lessons. More than any other genre, romance novels are very popular. There are other subcategories, just like in everything else. Lesbian romance novels are popularly read these days. We chose the best lesbian romance novels for our list.

The One Woman by Laura May Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
The One Woman by Laura May

1. The One Woman by Laura May

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Author Laura May’s most recent lesbian romance book is titled The One Woman. Despite utilizing a variety of viewpoints, graphic artist Julie’s life and her relationship with Mark don’t stand out. Before Ann shows up. Ann is a lovely, intelligent, and successful woman. Julie finds it difficult to contest the chemistry they experienced right away after accidentally running across each other.

The encounter in Barcelona will rekindle the flame. When tragedy hits, Julie will have to decide whether to be true to Mark or to Ann. Can pure love endure hardship? Look through the book by Laura May.

She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

2. She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

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Scottie Zajac, 17, gets into a collision with her antagonist, Irene Abraham, the chief cheerleader for the Fighting Reindeer, after suffering a humiliating loss to her ex-girlfriend in their first basketball game of the season.

Scottie makes it a point to keep her distance from Irene because she is as savage as she is attractive. When the collision takes Irene’s car to the shop for weeks’ worth of repairs and the girls are forced to carpool, their rough start only gets bumpier.

But when Scottie sees a chance to avenge her toxic ex and move up the social scale at school, she coerces Irene into a complex fake-dating scheme that could expose some very real feelings.

Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

3. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Emi Price, a gifted young set designer who just graduated from high school, is starting to succeed in the L.A. movie industry. She has struggled to build a love life that is more than a fantasy thanks to the fact that her creative vision has failed her in one crucial area. Then, after discovering a cryptic letter at an estate auction, she begins to investigate the unfinished business of a cinema legend’s secret life. Along the way, she meets Ava, and finally, Emi’s own secret existence starts to come into its own.

I Can't Think Straight by Shamim Sarif on The Table Read
I Can’t Think Straight by Shamim Sarif

4. I Can’t Think Straight by Shamim Sarif

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When Tala, a Palestinian living in London, meets Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating her best friend, she is getting ready for her grandiose Middle Eastern wedding. The contrast between outgoing Christian Tala and reserved Muslim Leyla could not be greater, but there is an instant desire that transcends simple friendship.

Leyla tries to move on with her newfound life, much to the surprise of her tradition-loving parents, while Tala flees back to Jordan because she is unable to face the repercussions of the decision her heart has made for her. Tensions that had been building up before Tala’s wedding day explode, and Tala is under more pressure than ever to be true to herself.

Honey In The Marrow by Emily Waters Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
Honey In The Marrow by Emily Waters

5. Honey in the Marrow by Emily Waters

Former criminal prosecutor Stella Carter, a recent widow, is navigating middle life by herself in Los Angeles. She doesn’t know who she is anymore or where her life is going without being a well-known lawyer and someone’s wife.

Stella unintentionally rekindles her friendship with Captain Elizabeth Murphy of the LAPD when she extends an invitation to her niece to move in. The woman is stunning but icy; she was never on good terms with her at work.

Unexpectedly, Stella discovers that she is relying more and more on Elizabeth and her niece as she deals with her loss. Stella can no longer see Elizabeth and appear as though she doesn’t find her attractive as time goes on. Furthermore, Elizabeth can’t possibly have the same sentiments. Can’t she?

Those Who Wait by Haley Cass Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
Those Who Wait by Haley Cass

6. Those Who Wait by Haley Cass

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Sutton Spencer’s objectives in life were pretty simple: finish graduate school and find love. Life would be much easier if she could decide precisely what she should do in less than a year after graduating. Oh, and it’d be great if she could learn how to talk to a woman without sounding like a complete moron.

Charlotte Thompson is the exact opposite. She has never had the time or desire to date, and she has always had clear goals outlining her path to success. She places a high importance on her burgeoning political career and is unwilling to compromise it for something as unimportant as love.

Swift, easygoing, and discrete were all ideal. It’s instantly obvious that they aren’t compatible for anything more than friendship when they first meet through a dating app. Right?

Honeymoon For One by Rachel Bowdler Lesbian Romance on The Table Read
Honeymoon For One by Rachel Bowdler

7. Honeymoon for One by Rachel Bowdler

Natural Retreats

It’s been a year Robin Ellis would prefer to forget. She’s worn out, overworked, and most definitely not prepared to spend the holidays in Manchester with her obnoxious family. It’s time to unwind and embrace adventure, so when she realizes she neglected to cancel her honeymoon, she sees this as the ideal opportunity to do so.

Conflict with stoic ski instructor Neve is the last thing she anticipates. These two unusual people can’t help but fall in love with one another despite their rocky beginnings under the starry Canadian skies.

Can they get over the distance and find a happy ever after together despite the fact that they are aware that vacation romances don’t last and that Robin has already had her heart crushed too many times?

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