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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Anthony Whomsoever’s new book, Bizzarro! A Comedy Of Manners, is a sharp and funny look at how the human race has deteriorated.


Does humankind have a divine right torule? That is just one of many difficult questions that Anthony Veale’s brilliant new book “Bizzarro!”, published by Snowball Press on April 7th under the name Anthony Whomsoever, is all about.

Bizarro! by Anthony Whomsoever on The Table Read Magazine

Barney Digger, the novel’s protagonist, is a journalist investigating a hotel curse that dates back to Queen Victoria’s time. The curse is embodied as Skipper, who speaks a humourous “mumbo jumbo” from the walls, frequently enchanting the visitors. Unfortunaltey, Skipper isn’t so gentle! Instead, he wants to destroy humanity, so he begins his reign of terror by attacking hotel employees and guests. 

Barney offers Skipper a truce and promises to free him from the walls in a week. This commitment – and ceasefire – sends Barney on an journey to learning about the unusual items inside the hotel (including a stuffed, one eyed parrot) and toward a solution for both humans and the supernatural alike.

Can he succeed? Or will humans once again fall to the bottom of the food chain?

Veale’s commentary on history, tradition, the relationships between people and objects, the various abuses of power that result from a ruling class, and the eternal desire for freedom will delight readers.

Anthony Whomsoever

Bizzarro! Is the Anthony Veale’s third fiction book. Over the course of his fifty year career, the author and artists has exhibited his work at galleries in the UK and abroad. His work from the 1960s and 70s incorporates political cartoons, caricatures, and the well known Junglerumba series of poster sized animal cartoons. Following this, Chatto, Boyd & Oliver published book illustrations in England and New York in 1967.

All through the 1970s and 80s, Veale’s exhibitions included studies of wildlife and surreal landscapes. He built a sculpture garden in the 1990s with a collection of his bronze and Carrara marble sculptures.

Veale is married with two children and six grandchildren, and lives in the Westcountry.

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Bizzarro! – a hardback book with dust jacket – ISBN 13: 978-0-9547733-4-2 – was published on Good Friday 7th April 2023 by SNOWBALL PRESS.

Prospective buyers can contact the author on ‘ for details on price and the cost of delivery.

The price per copy is £25.00 plus £5.00 for Recorded Delivery by Royal Mail within 3-4 days inside the UK. Prices for delivery outside the UK will be advised.

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