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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, the first novel from Tom Finn, Five Million, is one of the best thrillers of the past year, and was devised while Finn was detained in a Noth Korean Prison

Five Million

Stuart Slater, the protagonist, is a robust, difficult, dangerous, and self-assured ex para, ruthless toward his foes, charming and caring toward the women in his life. He finds himself negotiating a lucrative deal for him and his covert-operation team to “remove” twenty of the cells’ leaders in the perfect recruiting ground.

Five Million by Tom Finn on The Table Read Magazine
Five Million by Tom Finn

The number of terrorist cells growing at an alarming rate. Controlling illegal immigration is impossible. Every week, thousands of people enter the country. Political pressure is great on the government to control its borders. The likelihood of an attack is at an all-time high. They require an answer. And quick.


Stuart and his team go through the list and discover two high-profile plans that would cost billions of pounds, kill thousands of people, and cause them to die. He agrees to get rid of twenty of the most dangerous terrorists, but under unusual terms. It must be carried out without suspicion or evidence. an action that can be denied without evidence. There are no gaps. The deaths need to be staged to appear “accidental” or hidden.

Seven UK-based terrorist groups are the targets. Hakim Slimani, their well-known leader, is one of them. a radical Jihadist from all over the world whose goal is to uproot the Western way of life. at any price. As Slimani retaliates and Stuart’s team learns how they fund their operations, tensions rise. exploitation of minors, human trafficking, prostitution, porn, and drug use.

Tom Finn by The Table Read Magazine
Tom Finn

Stuart will lose whatever reward was left over from the £5 million budget unless he completes it completely…

Tom Finn

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Before joining UK Military Intelligence as a contractor working on international mission-based projects, Tom Finn spent fifteen years in the Parachute Regiment. During his twelve-week detention in a North Korean military prison on suspicion of being a spy, he planned his first novel. His release was the result of a prisoner exchange that was made possible with the help of the US government. He is still serving, having recently completed a brief mission in Iraq and returned to his home in Brighton.

Five Million is a contemporary thriller that centers on the very real problem of illegal immigration in the UK and oozes tension and authenticity—gained from the author’s experiences in the Paras and as a current member of the UK military intelligence service.

Five Million is not only a five-star read but also demonstrates Tom Finn as an author who is on the rise due to the caliber of his plot, which includes uncovering plans that will result in the loss of thousands of lives, his confident writing style, and the detailed characterisation.

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Independently published, Five Million is available in paperback (£7.99) and Kindle format (£2.05 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and

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