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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Cannaster Factor by Stephen Steele is an action packed thriller about a miracle cure for viruses that Big Pharma will kill to stop.

The Cannastar Factor

In Stephen Steele’s action-packed thriller The Cannastar Factor: A Miracle Cure for Viruses That Big Pharma Will Kill To Stop, botanist Cyd Seeley and doctor and former drug addict Alex Farmer are brought together when a mutual friend is killed.

The Cannastar Factor on The Table Read Magazine
The Cannastar Factor

When Alex and Cyd drive to the morgue to deliver the body of their friend Maury, who had developed an inexpensive, organic cure for viral diseases, the readers meet them for the first time. Maury’s death was a mystery.

Big Pharma

Cannastar is a plant that works miracles to treat everything from cancer and the coronavirus to HIV and herpes. Cannastar can be grown for next to nothing, has the potential to bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry, and it brings hopelessly ill people back to health. Cannastar will be stopped from being sold by Big Pharma by any means, including murder.

Cyd and Alex are determined to bring Cannastar to a desperate public and carry out their friend’s legacy. They travel through the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, the political corruption of Washington, D.C., the jungles of Mexico, and the deserts of the Southwest to grow their Cannastar on a perilous journey.

Stephen Steele on The Table Read Magazine
Stephen Steele

The Cannastar Factor is an adventure thriller that is full of mystery and suspense. It unfolds with endless surprises and touching relationships; an epic novel about two people who fight against a broken world with their unwavering passions.

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Stephen Steele

The first book in Steele’s three-book adventure series, “The Trouble With Miracles,” is titled “The Cannastar Factor.” The Organ Grinder Factor, the second book, is about a 3D printer that can replace human organs without surgery, and The Trouble With Miracles is the third book,in which an ancient secret to fusion energy is discovered in the northern desert of Chile.

Stephen Steele holds degrees in marketing and English literature from the University of North Texas. In a Victorian home from the 19th century, he and his ruthless editor Beverly reside in Montana.

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The Cannastar Factor: A Miracle Cure for Viruses That Big Pharma Will Kill to Stop

Publisher: Speaking Volumes, LLC

ISBN-10: ‎ 1645404250 

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1645404255 

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