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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, musician and actor Tom Wopat has released his new album, Simple Man.

Tom Wopat, Simple Man, on The Table Read Magazine
Simple Man

Simple Man

Tom Wopat, a singer-songwriter, has announced that his 13th studio album, Simple Man, will be available for streaming on all major digital music platforms ( Physical copies of the album are also currently available for purchase at or at upcoming performances and appearances.

David Finck, who co-produced and recorded Simple Man alongside Wopat, was a member of Wopat’s longtime band. This was their fourth studio collaboration. In October, the longtime music friends released Simple Man in a private studio in New York City. Other members of the production team include sound engineer Roy Hendrickson and musician Joel Arnow.

“First and foremost, it is verified that Tom and I work well together,” said David Finck. “I knew this. Tom and I react and respond similarly to music. These factors combined with Tom’s strong work ethic and fantastic sense of humor allow for a recording process that can only result in a wonderful listening experience.”

Simple Man is a 13-track enjoyable collection of songs with musical elements ranging from country, blues, jazz, and Americana, performed by his band of more than 20 years. Simple Man features Wopat originals like the smooth country blues on the album’s title track, “County Line,” which is also the name of his upcoming film trilogy.

The title track of “Simple Man” features a tribute to Graham Nash, James Taylor’s “Copperline” and “Frozen Man,” a Stephen Stills-Bill Withers mashup of “Use Me / For What It’s Worth,” and a jazzy rendition of “Riding Shotgun Down The Avalanche” by Shawn Colvin.

Tom Wopat on The Table Read Magazine
Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat

“First of all, I’ve come to realize that a recording like this is truly a collective effort,” said Tom Wopat. “I serve primarily as the instigator, but the real talent lies with those around me who facilitate what I’m trying to express. David Finck on bass, Tedd Firth on piano, and Peter Grant on drums, have been my “A” trio for over 20 years. I convened the four of us for a couple rehearsals, and we settled on some fairly disparate material, mostly songs we’ve worked up live, with a few unfamiliar selections thrown in for good measure.”

Tom Wopat and his co-star John Schneider became instantaneous Dukes of Hazzard stars when the General Lee first left the ground. In the 43 years since, Wopat has enjoyed a varied career that includes starring roles on Broadway, appearances on various television shows, singing in Carnegie Hall, The Ol’ Opera, and the Hollywood Bowl, and a role in Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino. He is currently finishing up a new recording project, Simple Man, a collection of 14 songs that will be his 13th solo album. Additionally, the premiere of the second film in his County Line trilogy, titled County Line: For the Inspiration Network, I’m all in. County Line, the third film, is: Beginning in early 2023, No Fear will be released.

Wopat made the quip, “I enjoy keeping a lot of balls in the air,” when he was recently seen starring alongside James Spader on the television series Black List.

Tom was a Broadway regular for 35 years and was nominated for two Tony Awards. Wopat earned critical acclaim for his dramatic roles in Glenn Gary Glenn Ross and The Trip to Bountiful, two films for which he was best known for his musical leading man skills. However, Tom’s current source of fulfillment is his work in the studio and on the road with some of the world’s most talented musicians.

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