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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Swamped! is the high intensity action adventure novel from uncle and niece writing team, Ken and Hillary Wells, about teenagers surviving a plane crash in the Louisiana Swamps.



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ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BLXZZ579Two completely different teenagers are flung together in the midst of desperate circumstances in the quick moving adventure story Swamped! from Ken Wells, a renowned journalist and best-selling author, and Hillary Wells, his comedian and writer niece.

Swamped! introduced readers to Jack Cane Landry, a Louisiana native and self-described “swamp rat” who has landed a job at a high-end swamp tour company and wants to quit school and become a full-time guide. Olivia FitzGerald is committed to attending Harvard and adores her private New York City prep school. Destinies and cultures collide Olivia’s philanthropist father flies in for a tour of Louisiana’s Great Atchafalaya Swamp with Jack as their tour guide. The two teenagers become equal partners in an epic survival tale.

Jack and Olivia are the only apparent survivors of the plane that crashes while transporting the group to their remote campsite. Olivia proves to be no damsel in distress, and Jack soon realizes that his swamp knowledge may not be sufficient to ensure their rescue. Additionally, she may have some survival strategies up her designer sleeves.

Swamped! follows Jack and Olivia as they confront the swamp’s inhabitants, including deadly reptiles, a snarling swamp cat, a gun-toting ne’er-do-well, and the weather that is determined to kill them. This is an unlikely love story with endless adventure.

Ken Wells describes the story as a romp in the swamp, basically a gumbo western in terms of style, but it has overarching themes about courage, resilience, resourcefulness, culture, and class. 

Ken Wells on The Table Read Magazine
Ken Wells

The Great Atchafalaya

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The Great Atchafalaya is the largest river swamp in the United States, covering 1.4 million acres, and it is a scenic and ecological rival to Florida’s Everglades National Park. However, the majority of Americans still view it as an exotic mystery. The amazing thing about the Atchafalaya is that you can see go to see huge alligators and beautiful birds, but you wouldn’t want to be lost there without food, water, or a way to tell anyone you’re lost!

In Swamped!, the Wellses bring the terrifying Great Atchafalaya to life with their insider knowledge and sharp writing skills. Ken Wells explained that the feeling of the place is unerring, and they think the book has the allure of introducing the public to a biological system and culture (the Cajuns) that many might not have known even existed.

Hillary Wells on The Table Read Magazine
Hillary Wells

Ken And Hillary Wells

The second of six sons of an alligator-hunting father and a gumbo-cooking mother, Ken Wells grew up in the Louisiana swamps.

A long time features writer for The Wall Street Journal, he’s written six novels of the Cajun bayous, including the coming-of-age classic, Meely LaBauve.

Hillary Wells (Ken’s niece) is an essayist, jokester and maker who rose from the narrows of South Louisiana to the Los Angeles comedy scene. She currently resides in New Orleans, where she works in the state’s burgeoning film industry in between comedy gigs and making gumbo. She has a social media following of more than 18,000.

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For more information, visit, or follow Hillary Wells on IG (hillarywells), Facebook (heymisswells), TikTok (@hillarywells_) or Twitter (@hillarywells_).


Publisher: Koehler Books

Release Date: January 13, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 1646638859

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1646638857

Available from,, and in bookstores nationwide


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