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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, the most recent collaborative work from author Mother and PR Alchemist Sarah Lloyd, Wake Up Mother, is out now from The Unbound Press.

Wake Up Mother

Wake Up Mother is nourishing treatment for your inner mother. Regardless of what you choose to mother or how you choose to mother, you have a vast, untapped, and fertile field of Mother energy that just needs to be honored.

Wake Up Mother on The Table Read Magazine
Wake Up Mother

14 powerful women collaborated on this new book to share their unique perspectives on the journey to Mother.


Wake Up Mother aims to celebrate everything that is born in the cosmic womb of creation by shedding light on the Mother’s wounds and shadows. the generations to come, our businesses, the places we occupy, our communities, and the concepts, goods, and services we develop. Our coming together is a way to honor the circle, the way creation and Mother are woven together.

In addition to being a marvel of storytelling, the book also provides guidance, advice, prompts, and exercises that will assist you in reclaiming your inherent nurturing, ripening, blooming, and birthing creatrix power. Wake Up Mother is a must-have for any woman embarking on a conscious homecoming to the Mother inside, lovingly held by the Unbound Press and available for purchase from February 2023. It is a collective acknowledgement of love for the Mother.

Sarah Lloyd

Sarah Lloyd, the curator of the book, said that since there is no guidebook on how to be a mother, all we have is the chance to learn from the shared and varied experiences of our own sisters and the sisters who came before us. In the form of a book, Wake Up Mother is a gathering, a holding of space, and a sharing of strong, feminine energy.

Sarah Lloyd on The Table Read Magazine
Sarah Lloyd

In order to assist you in highlighting the unseen Mother that you are, the women who felt called to participate in this project weave together tales of their fascinating, emotional, and triumphant rites of passage through pain and toward healing.

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The Authors Of Wake Up Mother

Sarah Lloyd

Through her communications company IndigoSoulPR, Sarah, an intuitive, angel communicator, and Reiki Master, helps women in business share their stories.

Ceryn Rowntree

Ceryn is a medium, therapist, author, and soul guide who helps people reconnect with their souls’ greatest power and wisdom.

Kathy Bell

Kathy is an author, business mentor, and experienced breathwork facilitator. She assists individuals in living their most authentic lives.

Rachel Haywood

Rachel is a Wayfinding Coach, Rewilding Facilitator, and Breathwork Healer who helps people find their most authentic selves and navigate change.

Katherine Crawley

Katherine has worked in the field for more than 20 years and is a social media consultant as well as an award-winning author and podcaster.

Aimee Strongman

Aimee is a lightworker who serves women with love and supports them through all phases of womanhood so that they can feel calm, strong, and confident while also bringing lightness into their own realms.

Dulcie Blatt

The Empowered Birth Digital Program and JoyFULL Mamas were both founded by Dulcie.

Emma While

Courage & Chamomile, Emma’s transformational coaching business, empowers mothers. She also writes, teaches mindfulness, uses NLP, and specializes in learning.

Alison Gregory Cooper

Alison is a channel, healer, soul guide, and wayshower. She helps people heal and remember their inner magic.

Carrie J Myers

Carrie is a yoga instructor, poet, and program developer who has a passion for inspiring, supporting, and assisting others in overcoming traumatic experiences.

Zoë K. M Foster

For divinely feminine rebels, Zoe channels lifesize, immersive energy art. She created her method, SacredExpression™.

Jennifer Flint

Jennifer is a speaker, leader’s coach, mentor, and independent celebrant. Additionally, she is the author of Wild Egg, a narrative about a single woman’s search for a child-free life.

Clara Apollo

Clara is a writer, broadcaster, and teacher of Elemental Qigong. She encourages people to tune in, turn on, and drop into their Qi for a life that is balanced, buoyant, and abundant.

Debra Kilby

Debra is the author of Rosa’s Choice, an energy healer, channel, and medium. repairing the mother’s wounds

The Unbound Press

Author, writing coach, and radio host Nicola Humber established the heart-led publishing imprint for unbound souls known as The Unbound Press. Nicola started the Unbound Press to help women write the book that their Unbound Self is calling them to write and to build a community of soul-family readers and customers at the same time.

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