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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in …Is That The Water Board?, Alan Smith, a senior industry insider, who  went from junior clerk to boardroom politics in the UK’s major water companies, has a lot to say about the water industry.


..Is That the Water Board?

“ that the water board?”

Who said that water was dull? We required an insider’s perspective due to the current high profile of river pollution, alleged sewage dumping, water shortages, hosepipe bans, and rising costs, as well as the failure of political and regulatory authorities to address any of the causes.

What about a humble man who has worked at the cutting edge of all of these problems for more than 60 years, in both public and private sectors? Someone who could provide us with details; plain, straightforward, and honest, and how did we get here?

Alan Smith’s memoir, “…Is That The Water Board?” is a perceptive outline of hot, cold, and no water, and a utility service we take for granted until there is either enough of it, or there is too much and it is impacting our environment.

The Derbyshire author shares his stories and anecdotes, which are frequently humorous and sometimes tragic. Some of the stories include being involved in the unpopular privatization of the nation’s water industry in 1989 and a number of other high-profile challenges and events throughout his long and successful career in the water industry.  

This exceptional and one-of-a-kind memoir will amaze and hopefully inspire all of us to be more appreciative of the natural resource we simply cannot live without and the actions we must take to preserve and improve it for future generations.

Alan Smith on The Table Read Magazine
Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Right now running his own UK and international water business from his Devon base, Alan Smith works on many continents, offering water industry knowledge and experience to people and organizations. In the immediate aftermath of the Iraq War, he provided the Blair Government with technical support for repairing Baghdad’s deteriorating water infrastructure.

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He has given presentations on Capitol Hill in Washington to expert support and guidance across numerous continents and nations, including the United States, Kathmandu, Albania, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Guyana, Australia, and the majority of European nations,

He attributes his worldwide success to a spectacular 11+ exam failure; opening the door to a rare degree in common sense and a privileged secondary education, as well as his mother’s wise advice to work for the local river board because “they pay you when you’re off sick” when he was 15 years old.

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