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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, discover what game design is and how it works.

The most fundamental definition of game design is the process of creating user-interactive game rules and operations. It is a very creative process in which the designer’s primary responsibility is to create a game that will captivate players.

The technical and creative aspects of the game design go hand in hand. By combining these two into perfect synergy, coordinated teams of game designers are responsible for making the game the best experience for the player.

Game Design on The Table Read Magazine
Game Design

Creative side

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Game design is all about creativity, although this creativity is very often limited due to very defined freedom conditions. Hence, creativity and innovation only apply if it is born under conditions the game designer finds himself in. Some of the factors limiting designers’ ability and imagination are:

  • Market demands
  • Deadlines
  • Target market
  • Budget
  • Abilities of other team members
  • Strength of platforms, engines, and other technical limits

These are usually not limitations of the designers but are simply things that affect their creativity and they have to think within the limits. The limits were not applicable for the new ultimate selection of top casino games with over 100 new games coming every month. Moreover, the best ideas are not born overnight and it takes time, experience, and understanding to create a masterpiece.

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Technical side

This side of game creation is all about the market and business, and designers have goals to achieve. These goals include:

  • Using psychological and math design techniques to create and develop a product that will connect with the target audience on an emotional level
  • Attract more players and win over their attention
  • Respect is given time and budget

Based on the above mentioned, this is how companies balance out the artistic and creative side with the technical side of the game design.

What Does a Game Designer Do?

The game designer’s job is similar to what a movie director does. The game designer puts together a team of artists, engineers, sound designers, animators, and many others, and communicates with all while creating the perfect harmony among the team members. Accordingly, one must have outstanding communication skills. A game designer must be able to create and develop game ideas which means:

  • Understanding of all processes in the mechanics of game plan and production
  • Ensuring flawless teamwork and task division, so that everyone understands its mission and contribution
  • Utilizing factors such as team capacity, and market demand in the best solution

Game designer vs. Game developer

These two positions work together but are not interchangeable. A game developer is responsible for all technical decisions and ensures that the engine and codes represent the product. On the other hand, a game designer is responsible for creativity and plot decisions. He must make sure that integrity and marketability are part of a final product.


Casino Game Design

To depict the complexity of this job, read the seven “simple” steps to the design of casino game design if you are a beginner. In the not-so-recent past, casino gamblers had a small choice of games to play, but with the rise in popularity, there are now more game designers in this branch of the gaming industry. Here is the seven-step plan for casino game design for starters:

  • Choose a base game for inspiration
  • Decide how the game will work for both players and business
  • Test the game against all twists
  • Learn about networking
  • Apply for a patent to protect the product
  • Prepare presentation for manufacturers and present it
  • Put a game on the market

Based on expert advice, these were the seven steps to follow in creating an original game concept and a step forward to becoming a game designer.

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