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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out analysis of Spotify streams to find the most popular Christmas movie soundtracks and their estimated royalties.

According to a new poll, Home Alone is the most rewatched festive film of all time, as for many of us, rewatching the same Christmas movies has become a favourite tradition. Additionally, a Christmas-themed soundtrack is essential for boosting our holiday spirits!

But which Christmas movie soundtracks are the most successful?

Interested, investigated 34 of the most famous Christmas film soundtracks and determined their estimated royalties (utilizing with the combined number of Spotify streams.

Rank Christmas movie Sountrack’s combined Spotify streams Total estimated royalties (£)
1Last Christmas (2019)2,539,981,8578,737,537.58
2Love Actually (2003)1,290,721,8184,440,083.05
3Four Christmases (2008)1,125,588,4513,872,024.29
4The Polar Express (2004)824,628,0072,836,720.34
5A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)500,183,5581,720,631.44
6Elf (2003)401,161,2521,379,994.71
7Holiday Inn (1942)384,182,2061,321,586.78
8The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)338,548,7081,164,607.57
9Home Alone (1990)335,893,0971,155,472.24
10A Bad Mom’s Christmas (2017)334,484,6621,150,627.24
11Christmas With The Kranks (2004)296,373,1501,019,523.64
12This Christmas (2007)262,034,924901,400.14
13Office Christmas party (2016)182,537,584627,929.28
14The Best Man Holiday (2013)87,378,499300,582.04
15How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)70,216,358241,544.26

According to, the soundtrack to Last Christmas (2019), which is expected to earn £8,737,537.58 in royalties from its growing 2.5 billion combined streams, is the Christmas movie soundtrack with the highest earnings. Wham!’s enduring Christmas classic “Last Christmas,” The song’s potential royalties of £3.3 million represent nearly 40% of the soundtrack’s earnings.

The worldwide classic “Love Actually” (2003) comes in second with an estimated £4,440,083.05 in royalties and nearly 1.3 billion combined streams. This movie has the ability to make any song feel festive, despite the album’s diversity of genres!

With just over 1.2 billion combined streams and an estimated £3,872,024.29 in royalties, Four Christmases (2008) comes in third.

The Polar Express (2004) and Home Alone (1990), two of the most popular Christmas movies with fans, also made it into the top ten, potentially earning £2,836,720.34 and £1,155,472.24 in royalties, respectively.

The Most Successful Christmas Movie Songs

RankSongMovieTotal Spotify streamsEstimated royalties from Spotify streams (£)
1Last Christmas By Wham!Last Christmas (2019)979,332,1573,368,902.62
2Jingle Bell Rock By Bobby Helms and Anita Kerr SingersFour Christmases (2008)611,396,5022,103,203.97
3Wherever You Will Go By The CallingLove Actually (2003)488,882,1981,681,754.76
4White Christmas By Bing CrosbyThe Polar Express (2004), The Holiday Inn (1942)346,249,0781,191,096.83
5Blue Christmas By Elvis PresleyChristmas With The Kranks (2004)259,966,344894,284.22


1.  With the festive season in full swing, were curious to uncover the highest-earning Christmas movie soundtracks of all time.

2. First, the experts at analysed reputable sources such as, and to uncover a list of the most popular Christmas movies based on their soundtracks. A total of 34 Christmas movie soundtracks were then compiled into a seed list. 

4. Each movie’s official soundtrack album was sourced on Spotify, where the number of ‘plays’ (streams) was collated for each song. 

  • Movies with no official albums were excluded, leaving 23 in the final data set. The most played song from each album was also collected. 

5. Subsequently, the number of streams was amassed to a final stream total per soundtrack and then inputted into a royalty calculator

6. The Christmas movie soundtracks were then ranked by thehighest estimated royalties, and the number one place was crowned. 

7. This data was collected on December 6th and is accurate as of then.

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