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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, be a pro in making exceptionally high-quality travel videos by equipping yourself with the know-how accomplished filmmakers leverage to stun audiences with visual extravaganza.

Traveling is always fun. Exploring new locations and getting awed by spectacular natural or manmade landmarks revitalize your inner self for sure. How about capturing those breathtaking moments and sensational experiences in a travel video that can inspire the viewers? Yes, you can immortalize your travels with cinematic videos that excite the wanderlust in others.

But how to make your video stand out? Seek the purpose of the video by visualizing the audience for whom you are shooting and the kind of feeling you want them to experience.

For instance, you may want to make informative videos that enlighten the viewers about valuable tips related to your vacation destination. Alternatively, you may stun audiences with an extravaganza of audio-visual elements and ignite the desire to experience the location themselves. The underlying inspiration for your video can be anything, but you can always create a show-stopper video with the tips shared in this post.

Tips to Help You Create a Limelight-Grabbing Travel Video

man taking a video of himself on a snow mountain
Photo by Raqeeb Ahmed on

You can make a professional-looking and attention-grabbing travel video easily by honing your video-making skills with the proven tips discussed below.

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Watch Videos of Accomplished Travel Vloggers

You can gradually develop your expertise by watching how famous travel filmmakers capture the scenes through their cameras. Watch lots of travel videos and understand the nuances that make them resonate with viewers. Shortlist the specialties that made you fall for a specific video.

Think about why the filmmaker chose to put specific footage before others. Check out the uniqueness of every frame shot—experiment with shooting scenes differently with your camera until you come up with your style.

Select Your Shooting Gear and Freeze the Camera Settings before the Trip

You can use your smartphone camera for shooting. But it is better to have a dedicated camera for adding cutting-edge to your video. Go for a lightweight, compact camera that captures sharp, high-resolution footage.

You will get the advantage of a good lens that can make landscape mode shooting easier with a wide angle and facilitates significant zooming for taking close-up shots unobtrusively.

If you are not comfortable adjusting the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and other settings, consider carrying a camera that can automate most of the shooting process.

Before embarking, check out the settings that you are convenient with and make them the default mode for consistency. For example, when you plan to take a slow-motion shot, you can switch to the pre-set memory mode of 120 frames per second, 1080 pixels, and cinema color.

Shoot Smartly in Optimum Light

There is a thin line between excessive and start shooting. You are there to enjoy your trip, and in between, you will capture eye-catching scenes that can wow viewers.

man sitting on edge of cliff with camera
Photo by Serkan Bayraktar on

Don’t shoot everything you come across; you will have a nightmarish experience during video editing. Choose scenes judiciously and shoot more during daybreak or sunset when natural light is optimal. Keep the camera handy to capture anything quirky that can grab eyeballs.

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Engage Viewers with Gripping Storytelling

The spontaneity and unplanned nature of traveling make it challenging to weave a story around your video. But to prevent the straying of viewers’ attention, you need to guide the flow of scenes with an engaging story. Even big-budget movies with extensive star cast fall flat at the box office if their plots lack cohesive narration.

Research the location extensively so you can carefully plan your shoot sequence. Capture every relevant footage so you can connect the dots to build a consuming storyline during editing.

Use an effective yet easy video editor to quickly browse through footage and weave the relevant one into a common story thread. Don’t spill the beans at the start, and build up suspense with cinematically brilliant scenes that keep viewers guessing what will follow suit.

Focus More on the Location and Less on Yourself

Travel video is not about showcasing how well you are enjoying the trip. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and visualize the things that may spoil your mood while watching a travel video you have great expectations from. Focus more on the unique aspects of the location, gourmet food, the lives of locals, stellar points of culture, hotel rooms, cool deals, shopping joints, nightlife, architectural brilliance, historical significance, etc.

Break Free of Monotonous Shots- Think Out-Of-The-Box!

You can sustain the interest of viewers till the end of your video by adding stimulating content made of diversified and curiosity-sparking footage. Keep experimenting with making shots tantalizing.

You may pan the camera in a different direction, try time-lapse mode, or shoot scenes in continuity from your car. Try wrapping the camera strap around your neck, and with a slow spin of the body, capture the interiors of monuments while tilting the camera up. It allows for smooth capturing of mesmerizing shots from various angles.

You can try hyper-lapse, which is an advanced time-lapse in motion. Set your camera on a tripod to avoid shakiness. Once all the images have been compiled, you can transform them into videos with good editing software. If you capture the location’s energy and excitement through your lens, you can strike the right chord with viewers.

Try Evoking Emotions with Humane Shots

Have you ever thought about why you liked a particular movie so much? This was because the scenes could subconsciously evoke the right emotions, allowing you to relate to the scenes.

Similarly, your video will become an instant hit if you can create the right atmospheric setting, intuitively making viewers feel a subtle attraction to the scene. You can achieve this by capturing close-up shots of people whose facial reactions or other impressions can give a humane touch to your video. 

Use Good Video Editing Software

To breathe life into your travel video, you will need good online video editing software for editing videos. It has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features that a person with less technical command can also leverage effortlessly.

person holding black camera lens
Photo by Marek on

Assemble your clips in the catalog section or timeline of the editor to visualize how transitions can be done coherently. Using your video editor, put in soft background music thematically aligned with the scene. Try to give voiceover in scenes where you feel narration is needed to make viewers understand the significance of the place.

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String Your Footages in Meaningful Sequence

If you think that stitching together random shots purposelessly will bring your video rave reviews, you are wrong. Each shot in the video should be a logical offshoot of the preceding scene. Pay careful attention to transitions and weed out any abruptness that can prove distractive. Connect the clips in the video either through camera movement, alterations in color, lighting exposure, or an object in motion to make the flow seamless.

Export Edited Video in the Proper Format

Always export your edited video in the highest resolutions, so the settings remain well-aligned with the source footage. Finishing is as vital as actual shooting or editing. If most of your scenes are shot in 20fps, export the video in 20fps in RAW format.

It will help retain the settings when you convert the video again in a different format for social media. Refrain from compressing the video by yourself, as most online platforms carry out compression. Double compression can compromise your video’s quality.


You can now confidently create spellbinding travel videos that can win the love and admiration of viewers effortlessly. Never stop using stock footage if you feel it is useful in creating a connection between scenes and rendering the transitions smooth. Next time you go to an exotic destination, make your travel video and become an internet sensation overnight among travel buffs.

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