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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, cognitive behavioral expert Allyson Roberts shares her own story to light a path for other trauma survivors in The Spiritual Journey: The Part No One Talks About.

The Spiritual Journey: The Part No One Talks About


In The Spiritual Journey: The Part No One Talks About, Allyson Roberts shares how she overcame abuse, homelessness, and teen pregnancy on a path marked by unthinkable circumstances but sprinkled with intuition that gently guided her toward a new life. In light of her passion, her willingness to be vulnerable is especially significant, as she assists others in overcoming childhood trauma.

She was 19 years old when she became pregnant and moved into her car, feeling helpless, afraid, and abandoned. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill’s timeless advice inspired her to seek spiritual guidance in order to move forward. According to Roberts, she wasn’t sure if she or the child growing inside of her would survive, but she knew she could change things if she just focused her thoughts on what she wanted. She took a chance and changed everything, knowing that she would have to believe what she was thinking and that this would be difficult given the unbearable circumstances.

Roberts tells her moving story in The Spiritual Journey years later to serve as a model for others seeking their true paths.

Allyson Roberts

Allyson Roberts on The Table Read Magazine
Allyson Roberts

Author, speaker, and cognitive behavioral coach Allyson Roberts is changing lives all over the world. She’s won honors for her work and has been recognised by Feedspot as one of the Top Twenty Coaches in the world.

Roberts employs her “personalized science” approach, which she developed after recognizing a client need that was not being met by the coaching industry. She helps her clients comprehend how the cerebrum functions and integrates otherworldliness to give the security required for accelerated growth.  She teaches that “change happens at the speed of safety,” and shares how this leads to transformative experiences for her clients.

She is known for her best-selling programs, such as Stop Shilting on Yourself, Painless Pivots to Purpose, and Unapologetic Power, LLC.

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The Spiritual Journey: The Part No One Talks About

Publisher: Wesley Chapel

ISBN-10: ‎ 1737551128

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1737551126

Available from and

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