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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, new line of scented candles from the British luxury design studio Aaron Hales features a beautiful scent that was inspired by an ancient recipe for recovery and protection.

Pouncet Candle

Aaron Hales has released a new line of scented candles, with stories about their unique fragrances. The “Pouncet” candle has a cozy scent that comes from an old recipe.

Pomanders, perfume balls that were kept in fine, globular cases made of gold and silver, were worn as a charm to protect against pestilence and other unpleasantries for centuries. Later, the pomander evolved into the pouncet box, which was used to store cotton-absorbed liquid perfume. Aaron Hales developed a scent that began as an aromatic, spicy accord of cure-dried orange and pungent sweet clove and later evolved into a concoction of musky spices that form a delicate powder enveloped by rich, warm cinnamon. Aaron Hales was inspired by these recipes of recovery and protection.

Aaron Hales Candles

Aaron Hales on The Table Read
Aaron Hales

“When developing a scent for the Winter months, I really wanted to avoid all the cliches of a ‘festive’ scent however I kept returning to this combination of orange, clove and cinnamon,” explained Aaron Hales. “I was intrigued to find out where this combination originated and when I eventually found all these wonderful paintings of globular cases and recipes by Nostradamus, I was inspired. What resulted is a sophisticated, Renaissance-imbued oriental scent that turns a familiar combination into something quite unique.”

As a nod to the exquisite pomander globular cases, the custom-designed decorative printed steel lid that comes with the candle was created. The lid aids in maintaining the scent, putting out the flame, and keeping the wax dust-free.

Hand-poured by artisans in the UK, the candles are vegan in every way. The wick is cotton with a paper core, and the wax is made from a mixture of soy wax, rapeseed oil, and coconut oil. The lid is printed with eco-friendly inks, and the reusable jar is made of recycled glass. The candle has been designed specifically to burn evenly and reduce soot.

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The candle is 5.99 oz / 170g and has a burn time of approximately 50 hours. Available exclusively at for £65 with complimentary worldwide shipping.

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