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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, private investigator Richard Martinez shares the experiences that inspired him to write his new book, Confessions Of A Private Investigator.

In the updated version of his previously named Honeytraps and Sexpionage, Private Detective Richard Martinez Dip Pi shares how he implements his 14 legitimate evidence gathering services,to uncover the truth. From investigating raunchy Rainbow parties,Integrity-Tests, Spy-phone hackings, Commercial Espionage, Family honour disputes & much more, this modern-day Sherlock Holmes entices with tales of the most unique & captivating secrets to be found.  Informative, funny & often raunchy, This is like Magnum meets 50 Shades of Gray.

Honeytraps And Sexpionage

With the publication of Confessions of a Private Investigator, Private Detective Richard Martinez Dip who still runs his Pi business (WWW.EX-DA.COM), offers readers an updated version of his previously named Honeytraps & Sexpionage, with gripping details& tricks of the trade that continue to help the Gen Public, Vips & Celebs.

Armed with credentials to take on any case, this super sleuth (whose work credentials include Personal Security for Boris Johnson as per the video on his website Profile page) uses each chapter to focus on one of the 14 different services he offers – from uncovering company fraud, revealing perennial philanderers, to the ethics of the honey-trap –whilst also sharing details of the technological gadgets and gizmos that make his work in the shadows possible.

Confessions Of A Private Investigator by Richard Martinez on The Table Read
Confessions Of A Private Investigator

Entertaining, enlightening and satiating everyone’s interest to learn more about the covert goings on that are stock in trade for the author, this unputdownable read will have readers encouraging Mr Martinez to pen a second instalment, as well as then maybe wanting to learn how to also be a successful Pi from his online Pi training course.

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Confessions Of A Private Investigator

Would you ever need a Honey-Trap / Integrity-Test service, or would the other 14 Private Investigation services from Expedite Detective Agency Ltd, find you the truth? Ex-Royal Air Force reserve Officer come Private Detective Richard Martinez Dip Pi, who created the Honey-Trap test service for the public back in 2001, and has since also provided security for Boris Johnson as per the book cover photo, uses his Sherlock Holmes style investigative experiences to list all the techniques used, that often exceeds 50 Shades of Grey’s antics.

From raunchy Rainbow parties and spy-phone hackings to family honour disputes, gangs and commercial espionage, this captivating book gives examples of how players, cheats and fraudsters are caught using the latest techniques and equipment (as well as showing how not to get caught). All told in an informative yet tantalisingly erotic and humorous style, that keeps the reader turned on throughout the gripping read.

Richard Martinez on The Table Read
Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez

“My book is not just about catching out love rats and stalking stalkers: I helps parents who want to know if their teenagers have joined gangs and women in fear for their lives if they leave abusive husbands. Often dramatic but sometimes hilarious, these true stories of a P.I.’s experiences offer insights into a morally dubious society and controversial truth-finding services.”

Richard Martinez achieved a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship at the age of 19, as well as playing American Football for the London Olympians (1989-91). He then become an Officer in the Royal Air Force reserves(1991 to 1999), assigned to RAF Kenley. Richard went on to create Expedite Detective Agency Ltd (2000 to present), and as a leading Pi he has also provided security to Boris Johnson.

Based just outside South London, Richard Martinez Dip Pi still often speaks on national and local radio about his various truth-finding services.

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Published by Summersdale Publishers, Confessions of a Private Investigator is available in paperback (£6.99) and Kindle format (£5.94 or free via Kindle Unlimited)

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