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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Our Blue Orange by A. R. Merrydew sees inventor Godfrey Davis dealing with an android fleet calling each other by names and the president’s visit to the colony due that afternoon.

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Our Blue Orange

Originally released in 2015, Our Blue Orange by A. R. Merrydew won a sci-fi Best Indie Book Award in 2022, and is guaranteed to delight fans of off-kilter sci-fi. A story of AI taking the running of the colony into its own hands, Our Blue Orange offers a humorous, and potentially foretelling glimpse into AI’s potential.  

Our Blue Orange by A. R. Merrydew on The Table Read Magazine
Our Blue Orange by A. R. Merrydew

When inventor Godfrey Davis arrived at the ministry that Monday morning, he had his first experience of the new phenomenon. There was something wrong with the aging android fleet that served the colony. Since when did they ever have names? The president’s visit to his office later that morning gave credence to his earlier experience in the foyer, and somehow his long deceased father now seemed implicated.

As Godfrey’s week spiralled out of control the future of the colony was now in jeopardy, and it was all because of him. He should never have left his latest piece of technology unattended. If only he could find his father’s secret invention and turn back the clock, then maybe he could redeem himself and save their society. But the past was about to collide with the present and the future now seemed very uncertain indeed.

Our Blue Orange showcases A. R. Merrydew’s character development, both human and automaton, and his ability to weave a labyrinth of subplots (including a spot of time travelling thanks to his father’s secret invention), and leaves readers with the feeling that it is the lunatics who are running the asylum (or ministry).

Fans of this first book, will also be delighted to learn that a second volume, The Girl with the Porcelain Lips, has already been published and book number three is well underway.

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A. R. Merrydew

Anthony R Merrydew was born in Dorking Surrey and educated at the Andrew Cairns boy’s school Littlehampton and Worthing College West Sussex. During the early seventies he lived and worked in Besancon, Dijon and Marseille France where he wrote his first manuscript ‘Malakoff,’ which remains to this day a work in progress.

His first published work ‘Our Blue Orange’ revolves around his fascination for automation and the world of data. The novel took eight years to complete in his spare time. The second book in the series ‘The Girl with the Porcelain Lips’ was published October 2023.

Currently Anthony spends most of his time travelling in his motorhome ‘Vera2’, writing, and promoting his work, and writing his third novel in the ‘Our Blue Orange’ series.

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