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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Carmen Powell’s latest children’s adventure, Sprite And The Two Talking Turtles, Matthew and Sprite find two turtles stuck in a plastic bag on the beach.

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Sprite And The Two Talking Turtles

Sprite And The Two Talking Turtles by Carmen Powell brings her young audience to the attention of the perils and horrific damage that plastic can cause on the beautiful inhabitants of our oceans and seas. As well as captivating young readers with the story, she also encourages discussions about how to protect our environment for all.

With the issue of plastic in our oceans attracting significant media attention in recent years (and featured significantly on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet), Sprite And The Two Talking Turtles not only brings the issue into the consciousness of our youngsters but conveys a message that will stay for always.

When Matthew and Sprite are playing a game on the beach, Sprite loses the stick and they both hear a cry for help and hurry to the rescue. They find two turtles trying to get to Turtle Rock but who got stuck in a plastic bag on the beach. The intrepid pair find themselves on a mission to help.

This rhyming tale showcases award-winning teacher Carmen Powell’s passion for developing children’s interest in the world around us through storytelling and stunning illustrations promoting inclusivity, kindness and having fun.

Carmen Powell

The story appeals to young children’s imagination. It is set outdoors, supporting Forest School ethos. Research shows that spending time in nature can help children’s concentration, whilst an element of risk and achievable challenge in their play helps to develop confidence and self-esteem.”

I kept the same characters of Matthew and Sprite from the previous story. However, this time their adventure takes them to the seaside. Kindness and friendship are promoted throughout. For instance, the turtles are trying to get to Turtle Rock but get stuck in a plastic bag on the beach.

I wanted to write another story for this series that involved being by the sea. I spent many summers, in my childhood, by the sea in Malta.  My parents used to take us to the seaside very early in the morning, so we got the best spot and we stayed there for 12 hours. My brother, my sister and I spent many hours exploring the sea using our goggles and flippers. We enjoyed diving and jumping. These activities created a great love of learning and discovery.  This is why I am dedicating the book to my parents.

– Carmen Powell

Carmen Powell was born in Australia and brought up in Malta. She moved to the UK in 1985. Carmen is an award-winning teacher and Early Years Specialist.  Her educational trips include Eswatini, Finland and Sweden.

Her degree in Literature and History of Art inspired her to use books to support children’s personal, social and emotional development and their communication and language. She created an environment that was stimulating and empowering for children which was rated Outstanding by Ofsted. She was awarded Early Years Professional of the Year, 2011 by Kingston University.

Carmen is passionate about outdoor learning and became a Forest School Leader in 2013. Carmen was a volunteer at Epsom, RDA, supporting disabled children. Carmen Powell was also a Finalist for the Belle Tutaev Lifetime Achievement Award 2019, by the Early Years Alliance.

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