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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, to celebrate the 27th season of South Park, we look at rankings of the best and worst episodes, based on IMDb ratings.

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South Park has cemented its place in pop culture history, reaching the monumental milestone of 27 seasons! This outrageous animated series has pushed boundaries, tackled social issues with a satirical sledgehammer, and made us laugh (and sometimes cringe) for over two decades.

To celebrate South Park’s 27th season, and another gaming installment inspired by the satire series released in March, we decided to look at the best and worst episodes of the series. But with so many episodes, where do you even begin? To celebrate this outrageous anniversary, we’re diving into the world of IMDb ratings sent over by the experts at, to see which South Park episodes reign supreme (and which ones might be best left unseen…).

So, grab a towel, settle in, and get ready to revisit some of the most talked-about moments in South Park history! Are your favorites at the top of the list, or will you be surprised by the rankings?

Top Ten South Park Episodes

 Series ∙ EpisodeIMDb Ratings (/10)
1S5.E4 ∙ Scott Tenorman Must Die9.6
2S10.E8 ∙ Make Love, Not Warcraft9.5
3S6.E13 ∙ The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers9.3
4S8.E1 ∙ Good Times with Weapons9.2
5S8.E5 ∙ AWESOM-O9.2
6S7.E11 ∙ Casa Bonita9.2
7S9.E12 ∙ Trapped in the Closet9.1
8S8.E14 ∙ Woodland Critter Christmas9.1
9S18.E7 ∙ Grounded Vindaloop9.1
10S10.E7 ∙ Tsst9.1

Scott Tenorman Must Die can reveal the highest rated South Park episode is ep 4 of season 5: ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’, scoring an impressive rating of 9.6/10 on IMDb.

Enraged by being scammed out of $10 for fake pubic hair, the ever-scheming Cartman hatches a diabolical plan for revenge against the culprit, Scott Tenorman, a conniving high schooler. Cartman’s elaborate scheme involves manipulating Scott’s emotions, exploiting his family situation, and ultimately delivering a cruel and unforgettable punishment.

The episode is notorious for its dark humor, shocking twists, and a satisfyingly vengeful Cartman (though perhaps a little too satisfying…).

Make Love, Not Warcraft

The second highest rated South Park episode is ep 8 of season 10: ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft’, boasting a rating of 9.5/10.

The ever-popular game World of Warcraft throws South Park into chaos in the episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny become obsessed with leveling up their characters in the online RPG, neglecting hygiene, schoolwork, and even basic needs. Their quest intensifies when a powerful, high-level griefer starts terrorizing the game world, killing players at will. Desperate to stop this virtual menace, the boys embark on a relentless training mission to reach a level capable of defeating him.

The episode satirizes video game addiction, the grind of MMOs, and the lengths some players will go to in the pursuit of online glory.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

Ranking third is season 6, episode 13: ‘The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers’ with an IMDb rating of 9.3/10

The episode sees the boys get swept up in their own epic fantasy adventure… kind of. They attempt to return a rented copy of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” to the video store, “Two Towers,” but accidentally swap it with a pornographic VHS tape. Determined to avoid adult punishment, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny embark on a fantastical quest, riddled with perilous errands and absurd obstacles, all to retrieve the correct movie before their parents discover the switch.

This episode satirizes the fantasy genre, poking fun at epic journeys and the lengths people go to avoid responsibility (especially when it comes to returning overdue rentals).

Bottom Ten South Park Episodes

 Series ∙ EpisodeIMDb Ratings (/10)
1S2.E1 ∙ Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus6.2
2S10.E5 ∙ A Million Little Fibers6.2
3S15.E2 ∙ Funnybot6.3
4S3.E4 ∙ Jakovasaurs6.4
5S22.E3 ∙ The Problem with a Poo6.4
6S13.E4 ∙ Eat, Pray, Queef6.5
7S26.E6 ∙ Spring Break6.5
8S25.E8 ∙ The Streaming Wars Part 26.6
9S4.E14 ∙ Pip6.6
10S25.E4 ∙ Back to the Cold War6.6

Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

The worst rated episode of South Park is episode 1 of season 2: ‘Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus’ scoring 6.2/10 on IMDb.

The episode shows outrageous Canadian duo, Terrance and Phillip, finding themselves embroiled in international chaos. On one hand, Terrance faces a murder trial, with Phillip acting as his equally crude lawyer. Meanwhile, a bizarre turn of events leads Terrance to discover he has a long-lost daughter being held captive in Iran. At the same time, the infamous dictator Saddam Hussein launches a surprise invasion of Canada, leaving Terrance and Phillip to (of course) save the day (and their daughter) with their signature brand of toilet humor and nonsensical schemes.

This episode is a classic example of South Park’s absurd humor, blending social commentary (albeit immature) with outrageous situations and plenty of fart jokes.

A Million Little Fibers

The second is episode 5 of season 10: ‘A Million Little Fibers’ which scored 6.2/10.

Towlie, the perpetually stoned talking towel, gets the inspiration to write his autobiography after losing a job due to his, well, towel-ness. However, publishers reject his honest account. Undeterred, Cartman gives Towlie a makeover, transforming him into the seemingly human “Steven McTowelie.” With a fabricated backstory and a dash of Cartman’s manipulation, Steven McTowelie lands a spot on Oprah.

The episode satirizes the sensationalization of memoirs and Oprah’s interview style. Meanwhile, Oprah’s neglected and sassy vagina stages a hilarious hostage situation, highlighting the pressures and power dynamics within the world of celebrity.


Ranking third worst rated South Park episode is ep 2 of season 15: ‘Funnybot’ – scoring 6.3/10.

The boys discover a new comedy app featuring a hilariously offensive robot comedian named “Funnybot.” Funnybot quickly becomes a viral sensation, leaving all human comedians (including Cartman) unemployed and feeling obsolete. Stan and Kyle, however, find Funnybot’s constant stream of offensive jokes unsettling and fear the robot’s humor might have a negative influence on society. The episode explores themes of technological advancement, the nature of humor, and the potential for AI to replace human creativity. Will the boys find a way to stop Funnybot before laughter is forever corrupted? Tune in to find out!


  1. sought to uncover the highest rated and lowest rated episodes of South Park.
  2. To do this, they utilized IMDb for their ratings per episode.
  3. Each episode was ranked from highest and lowest based on each episode’s rating score out of 10. To rank accordingly, when episodes had scored the same rating, the ranking was determined based on the number of reviews per episode.
  4. All data was collected March 7. Please find the full data breakdown here.
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