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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, experts at have researched which are the most relaxing video games to play to help gamers unwind.

89% of players report that playing video games helps them unwind, demonstrating that they are particularly effective mood-control tools. Creative and interactive video games can foster a calm environment and a sense of community among those who play them, which is why so many games have such devoted fans. looked at the percentage of gaming comments on Reddit that contained swear words in order to determine which video game causes the least amount of anger from players, to find the best games you can play to relax.

The Most Relaxing Video Games

RankVideo game seriesNumber of Comments AnalysedComments Containing Swear WordPercentage of Comments containing Swear Words
2Legend of Zelda71542423.38%
6Destiny The Game131336054.61%
10Grand Theft Auto31721946.12%


Minecraft has been found as the computer game with the calmest gamers with just 1.55% of Reddit remarks including swearing. It has become one of the most successful video games ever, and it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy playing in this three-dimensional world with the game’s constant updates, like the upcoming 1.20 update.

Relaxing Video Games on The Table Read Magazine
Relaxing Video Games

However, with no expected objectives to achieve and a huge land to communicate your imagination in a wide range of ways, it’s no surprise that Minecraft seem to have such a quiet fanbase.

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With 3.38 percent of swear words in Reddit comments, Zelda comes in second. With its mix of puzzles, action/adventure gameplay, and battle mode, the game series, which debuted in 1986, has established itself as one of the greatest video game series ever.

A lower cardiovascular stress response has been observed in games of this type than in fighting or violent games, according to research. There are now 45 Zelda games, and a new edition titled ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ will be released in May.


With only 3.57 percent of comments containing swear words, Pokemon is the third video game that causes us the least amount of frustration. One of the highest grossing media franchises of all time, the gaming series has released its core games over generations with distinct characters and plotlines. As more games are released, it was discovered in March 2022 that the series had sold over 440 million units worldwide.

The Health Benefits Of Gaming

The Fierce Diva, a professional gaming streamer, explained that gaming can be beneficial to our mental health, whether it’s by helping you form a supportive online community or by providing a break from real-world stress. By giving a way to idealism gaming can frequently offer a thoughtful express that decidedly influences us as delineated in peer-reviewed studies.

It likewise offers imaginative ways of fostering our logical, basic, and group building abilities that convert into certifiable satisfaction and headway. At last gaming gives an outlet that can give equilibrium and local area in a computerized space where the stakes are low yet the individual prize can be boundless.


1. directed an investigation of north of 19,000 posts and more than 138,000 remarks on 20 gaming subreddits to distinguish games with the absolute most indecent clients. This study’s Reddit scraper made use of both the PRAW and Pushshift APIs.

2. A seed rundown of the most famous games with subreddits accessible were obtained from various legitimate sources.

3. Comments on up to one thousand of the most recent posts were scraped for each subreddit. Each post could only accommodate 50 top-level comments. The subsequent dataset comprised of more than 138,000 remarks.

4. The semantics of redditors were taken into account when compiling a list of swear words that included variations as well as common adaptations. Following that, any comments that contained any of the defined keywords were assigned a binary label using this method.

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