Bilingual Girl Band Bella Dose Release New Single Manifest

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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, TikTok famous girl band Bella Dose have released a music video to go with their new single, (Man)ifest.


Miami-based girl band, Bella Dose, have released a new music video and single, (Man)ifest, and are taking over TikTok with even Shakira herself doing one of their dance routines!

(Man)ifest is a sunny, upbeat song about the power of attracting a new person into your life for the better. The hook of “manifest a new man” will be an anthem for anyone who can relate to the struggles of finding a new relationship.

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Bella Dose

Bella Dose on The Table Read Magazine
Bella Dose

The world’s first bilingual girl band, Bella Dose, have heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile. Their Latin flavors come through their music, all while bringing a tsunami of female empowerment for the Gen-Z age. Bella Dose has almost 30 million streams across multiple platforms, and their new single (Man)ifest comes from their upcoming EP.

Originating in Miami, Florida, all members of Bella Dose sing, dance, and write in both English and Spanish, and are prepared to take on the world with their charisma, chemistry, and passion for the craft of music.

Tour Dates

5/19 New York City, NY 

5/27 Chicago, IL

6/02 Louisville, KY

6/03 Indianapolis, IN

6/09  Nashville, TN

6/17 Orlando, FL

6/24 Miami, FL 

6/30 Myrtle Beach, SC

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Youtube  (24.8 million views)

IG (161k followers)

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