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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, A Voice Out of Poverty’ is an award-winning memoir from author and inspirational speaker Jillian Haslam who wants to transform the way people view poverty, and drive social change to end it – forever.

A Voice Out of Poverty

A Voice Out Of Poverty on The Table Read Magazine
A Voice Out Of Poverty

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BX48B964A Voice Out of Poverty by Jillian Haslam is a story of unmatched tenacity and human resilience which has earned accolades from global luminaries, with filmmakers seeing the potential for development into a mini-series. Activist and TV producer Joanna Lumley described A Voice Out Of Poverty as “riveting and essential”, while Hollywood Film Director Jack Sholder called it “enormously compelling – like something out of Dickens, yet true”.

Drawing on her own experiences growing up in the slums of Calcutta, Haslam’s story transcends borders, cultures and socio-economic divides. More than merely recount Haslam’s journey from adversity to acclaim, this memoir is a call to action which underscoring her firm belief that success is not solely about personal achievement, but also about reaching back to uplift others.

Haslam paints a vivid picture of survival by recalling the difficulties she faced as a child and how she overcame the odds to save her sister’s life. Herself tiny and aching from malnutrition, she stood for hours at a tea shop, begging for a ladle of milk to try and prevent her new-born sister from dying. This tenacious act was the first glimmer of a lifelong drive to empower others to rise from adversity.

A Voice Out of Poverty traces the journey of this determined, and compassionate woman as she uses her story and her voice to speak for the poor  and the powerless. Resonating with raw emotion to provide a poignant narrative on poverty, discrimination, and, ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit. It is a testament to the power of resilience, hard work and an unyielding determination to bring about social change.

Jillian Haslam

There’s a symphony in every life, and ‘A Voice Out of Poverty’ is my heart’s melody. It’s my journey from hardship to hope, from darkness to light. I tell my story between the pages- how the poorest of the poor saved our lives. But this book is so much bigger than even I could have dreamed; it’s a reflection of millions living in the shadows of poverty and details how we must harness our collective resilience and overcome adversity.

My goal? To show the world that change is possible, that a small girl from the slums of Calcutta can spark a conversation that resonates in boardrooms, classrooms, and homes worldwide. Poverty does not define us; it’s the courage to overcome, to uplift others, and to create change that truly shapes our legacy.

-Jillian Haslam

From the slums of Calcutta to the boardrooms of London, Jillian Haslam’s biography is a motivating excursion of beating difficulty, empathy, and accomplishment despite everything. Born in post-colonial India to British parents, Jillian experienced outrageous destitution, discrimination, and personal tragedy. However, she persevered through the difficulties and developed an unwavering faith in the power of perseverance.

Jillian is a professional inspirational keynote speaker, author, and humanitarian. Her memoir “A Voice Out of Poverty” has a global impact, winning prestigious awards like the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award and The Telegraph’s True Legend Award.
She encourages others to turn challenges into opportunities by using the lessons she learned from her life as a poignant example.

Not only is Jillian Haslam an author, she is a demonstration of the enduring human spirit, an encouraging sign, and an ambassador for social change. Her process keeps on rousing, as she changes her own victory over difficulty into an energizing cry for a superior, more compassionate world.

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