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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, new campaign for the colorful jewelry brand COLURi, OWN IT, is a celebration of empowerment, attitude, and the moments that define us.


The sequence of happy scenes in COLURI’s OWN IT campaign, which playfully question how women are perceived in the world today, exemplifies COLURi’s feminist values, and is relatable and captivating. In order to create a strong emotional connection between each protagonist and viewers worldwide, OWN IT emphasizes experiences that are universally shared.

The statement watches from COLURi, which were filmed in Barcelona, the city of color, stand out throughout. OWN IT showcases a wide variety of bright enamel watch dials that complement the sexiness and individuality of their wearers. We also see how adaptable COLURi’s signature feature of interchangeable watch bands is. On display are both an elegant stainless steel band and a more playful fabric band.

Women In The Campaign

The most provocative scene in OWN IT shows businesswoman Laura climbing a dining table to eat cake, blatantly disregarding social norms in order to satisfy her desires. A powerful illustration of a woman who is in charge of her own choices and pleasures, regardless of what they are.

Rosa, OWN IT, COLURi, on The Table Read Magazine
Rosa in OWN IT

OWN IT’s brand message is conveyed through innovative artistic direction. From the double-denim outfit that shows Bianca, a younger woman who is just as soulful as hiphop fanatic Rosa, an older woman, to pregnant Montse’s jaw-dropping introduction, the brand reiterates that true beauty is about accepting our physical evolution.

The OWN IT campaign by COLURi never fails to awe and delight. Given the literal symbolism of Julia eating her cereal with a spoon directly out of her handbag as she stares down a bus full of onlookers, the scene’s title, “Wear your attitude,” couldn’t be more appropriate.


Anna Villanueva was a co-founder of COLURi. Anna had a vision of a brand that could add color to people’s lives in a variety of ways because she had a background in jewelry design and was passionate about social causes. COLURi was created with the assistance of her husband Andy Palmer, a seasoned marketer.

“There’s nothing more fashionable than being yourself” explained Anna. “Wearing COLURi is much more than feeling happy in colour. It’s about inspiring others to feel comfortable with who they are. It’s about giving back to those in need.”

First, they created bold products that encourage independence and self-expression, such as statement pieces. Second, they formed alliances with international organizations that support women in need in order to assist in enhancing the quality of life of women whose lives have been impacted by calamities and conflicts all over the world. Lastly, they used COLURi’s platform to raise awareness of gender equality and effect social change.

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