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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Oxford Road by Derek Walsh, Alastair McLeish-Pidkin relocates to Reading following his extrication from a failed marriage in a story of starting over.

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Oxford Road

First published in 2021, Oxford Road by Derek Walsh explores the complexities of the human experience and offers insights into the resilience of the human spirit. A well-crafted, strong urban drama, Oxford Road could easily be compared to Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh.

When life-changing events herald a much-needed rebirth for protagonist Alastair McLeish-Pidkin, he relocates to Reading, leaving a failed marriage behind him, and settles on Oxford Road, with no idea of the incredible odyssey that awaits him.

The town which he views as a distinct entity with its own pulse, soul and heartbeat, gradually reveals itself to him through its varied characters, shared experiences and bizarre twists. Who is Mayfly? Who is Dave? And doesn’t everybody need a Dave? Alastair certainly does.

Bursting with everyday characters that come together to instil purpose and optimism once again into Alastair’s world, this eloquent ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ narrative leaves readers feeling uplifted and pondering how much better the world would be, if we could all find our own Dave.

Derek Walsh

I am Derek Walsh – a Reading based writer.

I was born in Luton, raised mainly in Dublin and have lived in Reading for the last nineteen years.

Within a short time of arriving in Reading, I felt a strong connection to the place.

This town has inspired me to write songs, one of which is entitled ‘Ghost journey’ –

It also of course inspired me to write the novel ‘Oxford Road’.

The human condition, the complexities and nuances of life and the brilliantly absurd contradictions that accompany all this, inspire me.

‘Oxford Road’, although set in Reading, could be set in any large town the length an breath of the country and beyond, as the themes addressed and the people involved in this odyssey are universal.

-Derek Walsh

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