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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover the hardest video game released in 2022 from how many players view the cheat codes.

According to a study conducted by experts at, Immortatility is the hardest video game released in 2022. After creating a list of 2022’s highest-rated video games using, the experts utilised YouTube views and ownership statistics from Steam in order to establish the games with the most cheat code views per player.

The Hardest Games Of 2022

Video GameCheat code viewsNumber of game ownersCheat code views per player
Elden Ring6,522,80015,296,6670.43
NIER: Automata – The End of Yorha Edition537,0002,706,6670.20
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen6,50049,1000.13
Total War Warhammer III 164,9001,509,2330.11
Two-point Campus4,20073,9000.06
Neon White8,800194,2330.05
Monster Hunter rise134,5002,993,3330.04
Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster 6,700152,6000.04
Marvel’s Spider-man Remastered29,400957,6000.03
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge6,300240,2300.03
Rogue Legacy 2 11,500442,5670.03
The Stanley Parable ultra-deluxe5,300529,6000.01

Immortality can reveal that the video game with the most cheat hack views per player is Immortality, with 0.63 on average, which is 46% more views per player than Elden Ring and over 3 times more per player than NIER: Automata – The End of Yorha.

Elden Ring on The Table Read
Elden Ring photo credit: Miguel Lagoa

Elden Ring

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Elden Ring comes in second place with 0.43 cheat code views per player. This is the most popular game on the list with over 15 million players, and the cheat codes have been viewed on YouTube over 6.5 million times. This is over 12 times more than NIER: Automata The End of Yorha.

Nier Automata – The End of Yorha

Nier Automata – The End of Yorha places third with over 2.7 million owners of the game and 0.20 cheat code views per player. Nier has received over 81% more views for its cheat codes than Total War Warhammer III (0.11 per player) which places fourth overall.

Easiest Games Of 2022

The easiest games of those analysed are The Stanley Parable (ultra-deluxe) and Tunic, both with just 0.01 cheat code views per player. This 98% fewer cheat code views than Immortality (0.63 per player) in first place.


  1. were keen to discover which video games players find the hardest and therefore cheat the most in.
  2. In order to find the video games people cheat the most in, the top 50 video games were taken from’s list of the best video games released over the past year according to Metascore.
  3. The video games were then inputted into YouTube, and those with cheat code videos available were recorded alongside the number of views. The video games with no cheat code videos on YouTube were omitted from the results.
  4. Ownership statistics were then sourced from Any game with no ownership stats available were omitted from the study.
  5. The number of cheat code views was then divided by the number of players, to uncover the number of cheat code views per game.
  6. The results were then ranked in descending order.
  7. The data was collected between October and November 2022 and is subject to change.
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