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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Retro Ride by Darren Charles takes readers on a trip to the past to find answers to questions about the future. 

Retro Ride

Retro Ride by Darren Charles on The Table Read Magazine
Retro Ride by Darren Charles

Retro Ride by Darren Charles, is a list of tasks that encourage readers to reminisce about key decisions, people, and times in their lives, providing a platform for people to relive, refresh, and rethink what they have experienced. Readers can then use this knowledge to reframe their futures and reap emotional rewards as well as problem resolution.

Darren Charles explained that we have been designed to forget our pasts, yet they hold such important information. Key experiences like falling in love, our first homes and jobs, historical family fights which still need fixing, are pushed behind us yet there is such a lot of we can in any case gain from them and help ourselves by embracing a Retro Ride.

The reader is also encouraged to investigate the demons they are still trying to forget and bury but keep coming back to, confront the news stories that have haunted them since childhood, and play the characters they have always wanted to be but were afraid to tell anyone about.

Retro Ride investigates each of these ideas and may ultimately find a solution. People are looking for fresh ideas and visions because the world has become more unstable than it has ever been since the global pandemic. Retro Ride offers them the chance to mine their previous experiences and become the best version of themselves.

Darren Charles on The Table Read Magazine
Darren Charles

Darren Charles

Writing has been at the center of Darren Charles’ career, with experience writing for television, producing and scripting corporate productions, working in public relations, media relations, academia, and marketing roles in the private and public sectors.

He has additionally taught scriptwriting, creative writing and media production.

Darren Charles supports Liverpool FC, likes to go to the races, and to explore Perthshire. He also wants to drive a freight train on the West Coast Main Line of the UK.

He is married and divides his time among Liverpool and Perthshire, with his wife and black Labrador, Basil.

This is Darren’s debut book.

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