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On The Table Read Magazine, the best book magazine in the UK“, set in 2040, It’s a Wo(Mans) World by Stella Beake sees men relegated to second-class citizens and the Cooperative Feminist World Order is in control.

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It’s A (Wo)Man’s World

It’s a (Wo)man’s World by Stella Beake turns the tables on every aspect of a millennia of male dominance with a thought-provoking premise lingers long after the final page.

The year is 2040, and it’s a woman’s world. Following the overturn of Roe vs Wade in 2022, women the world over rose up in anger at the lack of progress – and indeed, the regression – of women’s rights. They fought back through non-violent means, and coordinated voting processes, and within a few short years, the Cooperative Feminist World Order was born. The world changed for the better: wars ended, wealth was redistributed, and the environment was treated with greater respect.

But the world is not such a great place for men and boys anymore.

Within this world, both women and men fight in secret for male equality. Emmy is a high-level politician within the Cooperative Feminist World Order, but her secret life involves working for the Mascgettes, the organisation dedicated to bringing an end to male oppression. As she recruits her lodger, Marcus, into the fight, she discovers secrets of her past, and learns about what the future will bring.

Inspired by the hugely controversial decision by the US Supreme Court last year to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion, Stella Beake created a world where men are unable to do anything without the authorisation of their female family members, landlords or superiors. This historically and politically informed world is a fascinating alternative to today’s inequality, based in misogyny and male superiority.

Stella Beake on The Table Read Magazine
Stella Beake

Showcasing her creativity and highlighting gender inequalities in an original way, Stella Beake is an author women will want to hear more from, and men need to read.

Stella Beake

Stella Beake is an ex-humanitarian aid worker, now living back in the UK, enjoying a gentler and less adventurous life after over a decade overseas.

Working in the area of gender and gender-based violence across different continents gave Stella a strong insight into the insidiousness of patriarchy and oppression, and a yearning for a more equal society.

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