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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Homeless Bear by Claire Carey, Sean is abandoned in an orphanage before growing up to experience the army, abandonment, violence and homelessness.

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Homeless Bear

Homeless Bear by Claire Carey is the poignant tale of protagonist Sean, how for some, life is far from a walk in the park, but how, if we use the full force of the grit and resilience within us, challenges can be overcome and the futures we dream of achieved.

Abandoned by his mother and ignored by his father, little Sean had the toughest start to life. When his adoptive family come to his rescue, they see Sean in the corner of the orphanage, eyes wide, small and alone, like a little homeless bear.

Now, Sean is retiring from the army, ready to put devastation and danger behind him. Little does he know the worst times are yet to come; hardship, violence and – once again – homelessness are ready to shadow his path. If anything can overcome all these challenges, perhaps it’s love. As well as the tried-and-true love of his family, a new love is in the wings. An electrifying soul connection with a fascinating and beautiful woman.

The flames of passion are alight – but is fiercely independent Sean his own worst enemy? Brimming with colourful characters and twists and turns, this is an emotional journey back home, and a lesson on the enduring force of love.

Taking readers through the often dark and lonely twists and turns of Sean’s life, Homeless Bear is penned by an author who has had more than her fair share of knocks along the way (discriminated against due to her fairground background and suffering from PTSD); enabling her to perceptively illustrate how those feelings that engulf us in childhood become engrained in our expectations for the future.

A novel that will resonate with many, especially those who have been involved in the military, the author is generously donating all proceeds from the sale of Homeless Bear to charities supporting our servicemen and women.

Claire Carey

Showmen’s Daughter, Claire Carey, is the Travelling Author who grew up on a fairground where she enjoyed a sense of freedom and learned that togetherness and hard work creates a bond that pulls everyone together.

She wouldn’t change anything about her childhood, but her advice to her younger self would be to not worry about the discrimination that can sometimes go hand in hand with growing up on the fairground with the difficulties of not staying in a place for more than a few weeks at a time and having limited schooling. These experiences make you stronger.

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