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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, with her new all-female collaboration book, From the Ashes, She is Ignited Volume 2, Louisa Herridge, a leading businesswoman and single mother of one, knocked Jay Shetty, Ant Middleton, and Wim Hof off the top spot on the Amazon bestseller book charts.

From The Ashes, She Is Ignited Volume 2

Louisa Herridge, 43, of Warrington, Cheshire, and ten other women from across the UK and beyond, have joined forces in an effort to motivate others to leave behind, utilizing best-selling books and a coaching program that is renowned around the world for its ability to free women from their pasts; judgement, trauma, self-sabotage, and take control of their dreams and reclaim their lives, overcoming the darkness to rekindle the fire.

“From the Ashes, She is Ignited Volume 2 dethroned “Think Like a Monk” author Jay Shetty from the top spot in the Inspirational Spirituality category on the Amazon bestseller book charts and went straight to number one. It also reached the top of the USA International best sellers category and the personal transformation category, alongside Ant Middleton and Wim Hof.

From The Ashes She Is Ignited Volume 2 on The Table Read Magazine
From The Ashes She Is Ignited Volume 2

Women Empowering Women

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Louisa Herridge, a former secondary school teacher who is now a Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach and the Founder of The Mamas Ignited Movement, gathered the contributors together and declared that they are all energised women, and when they work together, they can’t be stopped!

This book was lovingly made to encourage more of us to find the strength and courage to rise up. These open accounts, which leave behind the difficulties of our history, reveal the depths of despair and offer significant keys and suggestions for moving on and being able to powerfully rise from the ashes.

In the second volume, “From the Ashes, She Is Ignited,” women who have overcame adversity, trauma, and pain to lead lives filled with hope, passion, and confidence share powerful, uplifting, and empowering stories.

Chapters Include:

• YOU ARE ENOUGH by Kim Antrobus, a Family Assistance Lawyer who uses the power of her story and shares about her own turbulent childhood to help others have their voices heard in family court

• THE EVOLUTION OF THE PHOENIX by Paula Holden, who shares her story of how she is rising from a stroke and relaunching her business to help families Live W.E.L.L.

• SETTING THE SONGBIRD FREE by Melanie Pollard tells the brave story of how she overcame severe anxiety and now works to help women navigating perimenopause reclaim their lives.

• TURN YOUR PAIN INTO POWER by Joanne McGee tells the story of how she turned pain into power. Throughout the chapter, Joanne continually gives strength to other women who are like her but have always been told; You cannot!

• Sarah Park’s book BECOMING THE BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY uses the metaphor of escaping the chrysalis to become a beautiful butterfly. She continues to set the standard for accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Other chapters discuss delicate subjects like heartbreak, and despair of life to the power, strength, and resilience necessary to become ignited. mental illness, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, divorce, miscarriage, sexual abuse. The collective message in the book is one of hope, gratitude, and the joy that can be found even in the most difficult journeys.

Louisa Herridge

The process was simply wonderful for Louisa Herridge. She feels such a sense of passion and purpose knowing that everything she set out to do with her business and this book has come to life thanks to the authors’ joy and excitement behind the scenes.

Louisa Herridge, photo credit: Michelle Geritas on The Table Read Magazine
Louisa Herridge, photo credit: Michelle Geritas

She explains that each of the ten women in this book shares a single trait. Grit that never waivers comes with strength. Their stories will take you from life’s darkness, heartbreak, and despair to power, resilience, and igniting your fire.

Honoring the release of From the Ashes; She is Ignited, Louisa’s fifth inspirational best-seller, she encourages women everywhere to extinguish adversity and fear in order to live a more fulfilled life, just as she did.


Louisa, a single mother of a 7-year-old daughter, compares herself to a glorious Phoenix, who has risen from the ashes of; debt, domestic violence, trauma, chronic pain, and depression to become the blazing leader again.

Her own personal experience is the source of her enthusiasm and drive for personal development. Louisa was unhappy, depressed, and stuck just a few years ago. Louisa stated that after a violent assault by her ex-partner, which resulted in complex trauma, PTSD, and emotional and psychological burnout, she had given up on life. Louisa realized that she had to quit her successful teaching career, which was making her miserable, and re-invent herself in order to self-heal and find a better life after receiving support and coaching for some time.

In her most recent, frank book, Louisa and her co-authors leave no stone unturned when discussing their experiences, their trauma, and how they have developed the courage and resilience to not only survive but thrive in life. Over the course of the past two years, Louisa has grown her business into a full-time endeavor.

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