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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in new memoir, Latte Dreams by Steve Williams, he shares his life from computer scientist to coffee shop owner with no experience in the hospitality sector.

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Latte Dreams

With café culture now an integral part of the great British lifestyle, the appeal of Steve Williamson’s entertaining memoir, Latte Dreams, about his venture into the world of cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites, will appeal to many.

Latte Dreams by Steve Williamson on The Table Read Magazine
Latte Dreams by Steve Williamson

Sharing his brave decision to turn his back on a profession he has known for years, Steve Williamson shares his first foray into entrepreneurship, and tales of the great moments, the not-so-good times and the uphill struggles that come when operating in such a saturated market.

It’s November 2021, and I have just bought a coffee shop. I have never run my own business before and nor do I have any experience of working in hospitality. I’ve always wanted to have my own coffee shop, and this seems like a great opportunity. How hard can it be to run a coffee shop?

This is the story of my business journey – from start-up to exit – written as a memoir where I bring to life the realities of trying to run a profitable small business: Chatty customers, needy staff, shady suppliers and a tough-talking accountant.  I am the underdog, attempting to carve out a profitable niche in a market dominated by big brand names. This story brings to life the thrills and spills of day-to-day life in a busy coffee shop.

-Steve Williamson

For anyone with similar coffee shop aspirations, this is an essential read. However, ultimately Latte Dreams isn’t about whether Steve’s coffee shop was a success, or otherwise; it’s finding the courage to act on your dreams and embrace all that you learn along the way. It also ensures readers will see their independent coffee shop in a whole different light the next time they are sipping on a perfectly made cappuccino.

Steve Williamson

Written as an entertaining memoir which will appeal to a broad readership – similar to books such as, The Diary of a Bookseller (by Shaun Bythell) – some of the character and organisation names have been changed, but otherwise Latte Dreams is a true and accurate memoir of my attempts to run a busy coffee shop.

-Steve Williamson

Steve is a computer scientist by profession and a storyteller by passion. His love of writing developed from his student days at Brunel University, where he graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with Psychology.

He grew up in the town of Falkirk in Scotland’s central belt and moved to London for employment purposes at the age of twenty-three. He now lives with his wife, Sharon in Northamptonshire.

Steve routinely awakens at 5 a.m. and starts his day with meditation, coffee and exercise.  Latte Dreams is his first published book.

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