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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Elaine Hoem has released a new book, Everyday Soul Dances: A Guide to Soulful Living in the Midst of Uncertain Times.

Everyday Soul Dances

Elaine Hoem has been a psychotherapist who teaches meditation, leads retreats, and serves as a transformational coach, has released a new book, Everyday Soul Dances: A Guide to Soulful Living in the Midst of Uncertain Times. According to Hoem, uniting with the Sacred, which resides within us all occurs when we engage in spiritual practices. These moments become our unique soul dances.

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Everyday Soul Dances

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0843S7816Everyday Soul Dances is the culmination of Hoem’s therapeutic work as well as her lifelong explorations of the sacred. It combines ancient yogic traditions with modern psychology to invite and encourage readers to investigate a deeper sense of spirituality and live everyday life with heightened awareness.

The reader can learn spiritual or psychological lessons from each chapter, as well as simple daily actions they can take to shift from more constrained states to more open and expansive states. They come into contact with their own divinity, capabilities, loving natures, and infinite possibilities. By continually paying attention to their spiritual lives, readers are encouraged to bring harmony into their everyday lives.

Nine of the chapters contain QR codes that enable readers to access recorded meditations on the Everyday Soul Dances website in order to enhance their experiences. Throughout the book, there are words from the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Face of God, to remind readers of their sacred consciousness and the significance of living in greater and higher ways to create lives filled with enthusiasm, intention, love, and a sacred sense of the value of all their actions.

Elaine Hoem on The Table Read Magazine
Elaine Hoem

Elaine Hoem

Before becoming a writer, Hoem worked as a psychotherapist in Lake Tahoe and Carson City, Nevada. As she studied and practiced Transpersonal Psychology and taught others how to delve deeper into their spiritual selves, this work became an art form for her.

She now lives in Reno, Nevada, and proceeds with her own profound practices while likewise uplifting others to find and live from their most profound bits of insight. The profound healing she is aware is possible through psychotherapeutic work and the uplifting practices of living from our spiritual center inspire her Soul Dance methods. She additionally cherishes investigating the lovely magnificence of the regular world and tracking down her direction to her sacrosanct home in the entirety of her activities and communications. Her life’s mission is to foster transformations in herself and others so that we can all live from our highest truths and benefit our families and communities.

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For more information, visit, or connect with the author on Facebook at Everyday Soul Dances.


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