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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in new children’s book, Maya’s Cultural Day by Maleka Mamuji, Maya learns about different cultures and all the traditions, beliefs and food that makes us uniquely special.

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Maya’s Cultural Day

Maya’s Cultural Day by Maleka Mamuji is an inspirational story which celebrates diversity that kids will enjoy reading and parents will enjoy reading with their kids. This interactive book will inspire curiosity and appreciation of different cultures, with questions at the end which parents can use to open doors to powerful discussions about culture and society.

Maya's Cultural Day by Maleka Mumaji on The Table Read Magazine
Maya’s Cultural Day by Maleka Mumaji

It is Cultural Day at Maya’s school, and Maya, her teacher and her classmates all talk about where they are from and their culture. Maya is from India, Miss Rossi is from Italy, Malaika is from Kenya, Lee is from China and James is from England.

Come and explore the different cultures and at the end all the kids get to enjoy delicious food from around the world.

Maleka Mamuji

My inspiration for writing Maya’s Cultural Day is my own childhood experience of growing up in an area that was not very diverse, and I went to a school that was not very diverse and so I did feel there was a lack of understanding at times about cultural diversity.

I believe that what we learn in our childhood in many ways shapes the way we think and do things as an adult. In today’s wonderfully diverse world, teaching kids about different traditions, customs and languages at an early age helps to foster empathy, understanding and respect and contributes to creating a society that embraces diversity and unity.

The book showcases a few of the many beautiful cultures surrounding us.

-Maleka Mamuji

Maleka Mamuji has a diverse background she is Indian origin, was born in Kenya and lived in Kenya for a few years before her family moved to the United Kingdom where she grew up. Maleka became a lawyer and later on in life moved to Kenya and lived out there for three years before returning back to the United Kingdom.

Maleka has previously published a book called School Can Be Cool, and Maya’s Cultural Day is Maleka’s second book to be published.

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