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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, when children play in rock pools, catching and releasing crabs again during the summer holidays, Ouch! by Jennifer Bell asks how the crabs feel about it.

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Ouch by Jennifer Bell cover
Ouch! by Jennifer Bell

When they’re reading Ouch! by Jennifer Bell, children will love shouting “OUCH!”, as the crab does, every time he’s released. Written to give crabs a voice, and help children see a long summer through crabs eyes, Jennifer Bell hopes to encourage small children to respect all living creatures.

Ouch! will delight young readers with this tale of a crab being rudely returned to his rock pool, on his back, in tangle of seaweed, and lastly on his head! Each colourful illustration of the crab’s experiences by West Country artist, Jane Leitch will delight young readers.

Jennifer Bell

By training, Jennifer was a nurse and co-founded a pottery, by inclination she’s a gardener of riverside land in Cornwall and a writer. She has always written – plays for school friends, stories long and short, poetry and verse, and has been a frequent attender at literary weekends.

Retirement has given her the opportunity to write when she can’t garden, and enjoy planting seeds in another way – producing books for children.

Ouch! by Jennifer Bell on The Table Read Magazine
Ouch! by Jennifer Bell

Jane Leitch

Jane Leitch lives on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, the area where she grew up. This environment is her inspiration – to capture the essence of nature and daily life in rural Devon, as well as on the West Country coast.

Her paintings are sought after, and are in collections throughout the UK, Europe, the United States, Australia and the FarEast. She exhibits in the annual Delamore Arts event near Ivy bridge in Devon, Devon Open Studios with the Gidleigh painters, and at numerous nationwide exhibitions.

Ouch! by Jennifer Bell on The Table Read Magazine
Ouch! by Jennifer Bell

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