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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke by Joshua Catchatoor is a hilarious historical adventure set in the court of Queen Elizbeth I.

Historical Spoof

The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke by Joshua Catchatoor, a debut author, is a historical-comedy romp that is both hilarious and reminiscent of the comic genius of Blackadder II’s rollicking Elizabethan series.

The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke on The Table Read Magazine
The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke

Catchatoor has already made a name for himself in the literary world, delivering an intriguing combination of tongue-in-cheek and somewhat absurdist, farcical, contemporary comedic styling with a classic “historical adventure book” tone, positioning his protagonist as a hero in a time of conflict and tension. Written as the first installment of a planned trilogy, the author positions his protagonist as a hero.

The Adventures of Lord Bolingbroke is a standout spoof that is guaranteed to elicit numerous guffaws and belly laughs. It is a concise and immersive 16th century romp; as well as a desire on the part of readers to find out more about Lord B and this talented and original author’s adventures.

The Adventures Of Lord Bolingbroke

This is a comedic romp through the English Renaissance in which the title Elizabethan courtier is under more and more pressure to keep his country and himself safe.

Great people have always clung to the swinging tailcoats of history, and their actions will continue to have a profound impact for many centuries to come.

Joshua Catchatoor on The Table Read Magazine
Joshua Catchatoor

Such is the situation with Ruler Bolingbroke, a man ready to shape the predeterminations of countries; the frivolous fare of an evening at the neighborhood bar; and impressions of the population of England in the 16th century from today.

This is the beginning of his epic tale.

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Joshua Catchatoor

Joshua Catchatoor stated that the narrative is enjoyable, unpredictable, and offers a light commentary on human nature and global affairs despite its abundance of jokes. In a story with tension and conflict, one can support Lord Bolingbroke as a hero while also enjoying his antics and environment’s humor.

The content and tone are easily understandable and entertaining, and the read is not too long; making a portion suitable for settling in at home for a longer session in the comfort of an armchair or for a cheery and simple read on the way to work (if you drive).

Joshua Catchatoor described himself as a poet and scholar, a lover of all things bright and beautiful, and a highly skilled mechanic—at least two of these things are true. In addition, he values his readers highly and expresses sincere gratitude to them. In the not-too-distant future, the subsequent components of this gripping saga will be available.

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