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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits by B.A. Summer is a fascinating look at what the future holds for footwear and fashion in the digital age.


Sole Brethren by B.A. Summer, the pseudonym of Jane Peyton, a popular non-fiction writer and successful entrepreneur, is centered on the idea of a worldwide “Shoemaggedon.”

Cordelia Tanner invents “Footloose,” a 3D holographic technology that lets people pretend to be wearing the most amazing, trendsetting, and improbable shoes while wearing their comfy slippers underneath the hologram.

Sole Brethren by B.A. Summer on The Table Read Magazine
Sole Brethren

As Richard Nailer, a footwear tycoon, learns of the repercussions of “Footloose,” chaos follows. Nailer sets out to destroy Cordelia’s invention and exact his vile retribution before the real shoe industry is permanently destroyed by its global popularity.

“Shoe Brethren,” the first book in a trilogy about Cordelia Tanner, her twin brother Rex, and best friend Elodie L’Archambeau, is full of wit and charm.

Sole Brethren

Cordelia Tanner never expected to cause such a ballyhoo when she created Footloose, a 3D holographic innovation that gives the otherworldly deception of an individual wearing wondrous shoes when under they have on their comfortable slippers.

Her idyllic life of beauty and culture with her beloved twin brother Rex and adorable friends suddenly becomes a storm cloud as unexpected consequences befall her life. Richard “Call Me Rich Because I Am” Nailer, a vile footwear tycoon, is determined to exact his wrath on Footloose for destroying the global shoe industry.

Luckily for Cordelia she can occasionally get away from the trickeries through her staggering clairvoyant capacity that allows her to enter historic domains and visit, among others, Lancelot, charming eighteenth century Master Of Ceremonies to High Society. When she discovers that performing psychomatricks with the mysterious Elodie L’Archambeau, her best friend, multiplies the effects, they are presented with opportunities and adventures they could never have anticipated.

B.A. Summer on The Table Read Magazine
B.A. Summer

There are a lot of great characters, sparkling scenes, and a big twist in this funny romp.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

B.A. Summer

Jane Peyton is an educator on alcoholic beverages, a broadcaster, a pub expert, a writer, a public speaker, and the founder of the School of Booze. She was born in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and currently resides in East Sussex. She trained through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and the Beer & Cider Academy which are Britain’s official alcoholic drinks education bodies for accredited learning.

Nine non-fiction books have been written by Jane, including Drink: The Philosophy of Gin and The Philosophy of Beer. A Tippler’s Variety. The Philosophy of Cocktails, her most recent non-fiction work, will be released in June 2023.

Sole Brethren is Jane’s first novel, which she wrote under the pseudonym B.A. Summer. It came from her love of shoes, memories of working in Harvey Nichols’ Rayne Shoes department when she was a student, and her first job as a fashion PR agency with clients like Salvatore Ferragamo and Fratelli Rosetti.

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