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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, if you want luxury travel on a budget, we share tips for how to make a cruise cost effective, ready for your summer holidays.

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Summer is whispering sweet nothings of getaways and adventures. But for many, the allure of a luxurious cruise vacation crashes against the harsh reality of budget limitations. Fear not, travel dreamers! This post is your secret weapon, packed with tips and tricks to transform that cruise from a pipe dream into a palm-tree-lined reality. We’ll show you how to navigate the world of cruising and snag incredible deals, ensuring your summer escape is one of luxurious comfort without breaking the bank. So, set sail with us and discover how to make your dream cruise a budget-friendly bon voyage!

To help us out, cruise expert, Cruise Mummy, sent over their top insider tips to help keep the cost down on your next cruise, from finding cheap deals to saving money while on board. 

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How To Make A Cruise Cost Effective

1 – Booking your cruise through a travel agent 

There are many routes you can take when booking a cruise, whether you choose to go through a travel agent, book online or book directly with the cruise line. It’s generally cheaper and easier to book with a travel agent, especially if you are a first-time cruiser. Often, they get access to special fares or packages with flights that aren’t readily available otherwise.  

However, you may also consider booking online if you’re happy to browse, as it will give you more time to compare cruises without the pressure to book. If you choose to book yourself, you may want to consider using an online comparison tool to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  

2 – Consider sacrificing optional extras  

The price of your cruise will be affected by optional extras, including a balcony room. While this can add a luxurious feel – especially if you’re on a scenic cruise – it also carries a much bigger price tag. A cheaper alternative is an inside cabin, which is a room that has no balcony or windows and often runs for as little as half the price of their luxurious counterparts.  

Although inside cabins have no natural light, the money you save could be used to keep you out of your room on excursions or could even be used towards your next cruise!  

3- Book last minute or at least a year in advance 

According to the experts, you can find the best deals when the itineraries are first released for booking or 12 weeks before the cruise sets sail as prices drop to fill the remaining cabins. 

Booking last minute is a well-known way to get a cheap deal, but this does come with risks. You have to be flexible, and there’s always a chance you could dislike the itinerary or struggle to find a cruise that meets your needs. However, it’s always worth checking for a last-minute discount. 

4 – Look for reduced child rates  

Inevitably, cruises cost more money during the school holidays, which can make bringing little ones along much more expensive. Luckily, there are still ways to make savings even when travelling with the whole family.  

Some cruise lines will charge one set price for passengers of all ages, and if you’re taking young children on board who won’t eat or drink half as much as an adult, you may feel like you aren’t quite getting your money’s worth. It is essential to choose your provider carefully. 

Some cruise lines may charge a reduced fee for younger cruisers, while others allow children on board free of charge. Some even offer a complimentary night nursery, allowing you to be child-free during the evenings! Researching the prices of children’s tickets and selecting your cruise line carefully could save you hundreds.  

5 – Pay for WiFi rather than using your phone data onboard  

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Many of us can’t go a day without our phones, whether making calls, sending texts, or scrolling on social media. However, data roaming while on a cruise can result in a very high phone bill. While at sea, your phone can’t connect to the satellites it usually would, so it connects to maritime satellites instead, which costs a lot of money.  

This can be avoided by switching your phone off or putting it into aeroplane mode to prevent apps from using data in the background. If, like many others, you can’t bear to be without the internet for your cruise, Wi-Fi packages are available onboard. These come at a cost; however, it can be much cheaper than paying for your data roaming.  

As for calling and texting, it is advisable to use apps that allow you to do this using Wi-Fi, such as WhatsApp and Skype to avoid those extra charges.  

6 – Consider bringing your own alcohol  

Paying for drinks onboard may be a cost that you overlook during the planning process, but one that can dramatically increase the overall price of your cruise. If you’re not travelling all-inclusive, you must pay individually for all the drinks you order in the bars and restaurants, unless you pay for a drinks package, which can be very expensive. 

An excellent way to avoid this is by taking your alcohol with you. Most cruise lines allow one bottle per person; some will enable you to bring more for a small fee. Drinking your alcohol in your stateroom is entirely free, but you may have to pay a corkage fee if you wish to drink it in the ship’s bars and restaurants. It’s essential to check with your cruise line first, as they all have different policies, but this trick could save you from forking out for drinks unnecessarily. 


Cruises are an amazing experience, and they really don’t have to be expensive. Making small changes can save you hundreds and allow you to find a cruise regardless of your budget. And especially when a lot of people are short on money, it is important to make savings where we can.

-Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy
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