How To Write A Childrens Book

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Julia B Grantham on The Table Read

Written by Julia B. Grantham

Children’s author Julia B. Grantham published her first children’s book last year.  A year on, the book has become an Amazon best-seller, received rave reviews within the children’s book community, and has also been featured in The Sun’s Fabulous magazine.

We’ve teamed up with Julia to bring you her personal tips on writing for children.

Getting Started

Just do it – do what works for you.   If that means typing at a keyboard, or handwriting notes it doesn’t matter – just make a start.  

You don’t have to start at the very beginning – perhaps you have a scene in your head that you want to get down on paper – and then work up to that scene.   Some people use a mind-map and jot down characters and the plot.  There is no right or wrong way, just make a start.  

How To Write A Children's Book by Julia B Grantham on The Table Read
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All writers start somewhere and many writers – including myself – suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

It took me seven years to write my book – but I never gave up.   I joined writing online groups and networked a little – but I would say to use this wisely.  You may end up feeling deflated or overwhelmed by other people’s opinions or their own progress – listen to your heart and your own voice. 

Develop your voice and your story the way you want it.  Your book will be so much more authentic allowing the reader to connect with you.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Grammar And Spelling

A little-known secret – but that’s what book editors are for.  Of course, you will have an advantage with perfect punctuation, but don’t not start because you worry about your punctuation or spelling.  You are crafting a story – so focus on your skills of creating tension, heartbreak, romance and adventure.  The rest will follow. 

It is really worthwhile finding an editor – even if it is a friend or colleague. Not only will that help with proof-reading, but they can give an insight into the characters and plot development.

Getting Published

These days – nothing is impossible.   There is a huge range of publishing opportunities for new writers now.  You can publish purely in an e-reader format on Kindle, or print on demand so you don’t have a huge outlay of stock or you can choose to print a set number of your choice.  I highly recommend working with a good printer, perhaps one you can meet. Sadly I got ripped off by a printer in my early days who took off with my ‘deposit’ and I now use a printer in my local area,

You Won’t Get Rich Overnight – If Ever!

Write because you truly love it. Not for the money.

The competition is fierce, not just within publishing houses but for gaining publicity too.  But at the same time never has it been easier to follow your dream.   

How To Write A Children's Book by Julia B Grantham on The Table Read
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You can build up followers on social networking.  There is a ton of help and advice on book marketing out there.

Know Your Target Audience

I write for children,  but there are also some subtle nods for the adult readers too.  I am a huge fan of Jane Austen’s work, so my book about Moley has a few gestures towards her work for the grown-ups.    

Test your ideas out on your target audience – if you know some children ask them what they enjoy in books.   Are the themes relatable?    Who are the hero’s in the story?    Are there lessons to be learned?    How can you transfer this knowledge to your book?

Plot And Character Ideas

Some writers stick to the plot and others develop the story as they are working.   Do what works best for you.    I knew some key plot points, especially related to the beginning of the book. Lots of them were based on real-life, so writing them down was quite an easy task. However, from the mid-point onwards my writing took a more unexpected turn, and I was surprised by some developments, not quite knowing where they came from. I guess it is true that characters start living their own lives.  

A Mole Like No Other

‘A Mole Like No Other’ by  Julia B. Grantham is available on Amazon at:

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